Last weekend, there was an insane amount of cheerleading – seven Cheerleading Worlds bid events! Just in terms of bids, events awarded 114 Summit bids, 97 D2 Summit Bids, and 87 Cheerleading Worlds 2021 bids.

There were hundreds and hundreds of performances, and I could not watch all of them. A few routines stood out from the crowd and caused quite a bit of chatter on the interwebs. After watching a healthy dose of virtual competition videos and the Aloha Spirit Championship’s live event in Phoneix, I wanted to share a few of my favorites. Why? Because the world deserves to see good cheerleading CALLED OUT.

My bias is at level 100, and I am sure other performances were also amazing! Good news! If you want to make a best-of list of your own, all of last weekend’s Varsity TV videos are now free to the public – no subscription needed.

I could not embed the videos here, but if you click on the blurry screenshots, it will take you directly to the video.

Extreme All Stars – X5

This level five small senior team from Florida is… insane. The choreography, skill, and clean execution are what cheerleading dreams are made of.


LA Cheerz Allstarz – Scarlet

LA Cheerz Allstarz Scarlet is a level four small junior team from Lafayette, Louisiana. Everything about this performance was satisfying. The choreography is well thought out and the athletes are giving us LIFE. Watch that elite stunt’s arch back switch up… the sass – the uniqueness. It’s a 10/10.


Pacific Coast Magic Irvine – Fearless

Pacific Coast Magic Irvine Fearless is a first-season Cheerleading Worlds team in the extra small senior six division. Every section of their routine is so VISUAL. It is one of those routines that you start watching and can’t take your eyes off of. And best of all, it looks like they’re having the time of their lives.PCM-Irvine-Fearless-Aloha-2021

The California All Stars – Vixens

VIXENS. ARE. THE. MOMENT. To say I am currently obsessed with this team is an understatement. They were really hitting their groove at the abrupt end of last season, and now they’re absolutely killing it. It’s… mesmerizing.California-All-Stars-Vixens-Aloha-2021

Brandon All Stars – Senior Black

This new team on the scene is showing a lot of potential! Kidding. There isn’t much to say about Senior Black other than they are nearly perfect. Their NCA Virtual 2021 performance was as jaw-dropping as we’ve come to expect. Claps for BSB!


Central Jersey All Stars – Bombshells

CJA Bombshells are in a new division this season and they are KILLING it. CJA has an undeniable style – always clean, always fun, always perfectly in sync. They took home the National Championship title at NCA – so I think things are going pretty well!


Rain Athletics – Aqua

Rain Athletics Aqua – the hit queens that have stolen the industry’s heart are back-back-back again. Aqua is proving that they have staying power and are a force to be reckoned with. Third place and coming for the crown, baby!

Rain-Athletics-Aqua-NCA 2021

Rockstar Cheer – Beatles

Beatles are on another level this year. They are another team that had an incredible 2019-2020 season, ended too soon . Their NCA performance showcased some incredible talent and they. are. so. CLEAN!


Stingray All Stars – Peach

Peach is the business. Point-blank-period! There’s “Stingray Clean” and then there’s “Stingray Peach Clean.” The way they use the entire team to create unified visual moments is… so satisfying. I have nothing else to share other than I am obsessed.


Top Gun – UF0

A brand new addition to Top Gun’s Rolodex of show-stopping Worlds teams. They’re giving me major SCI-5 vibes and I’m here for it. Make cheerleading fun again!


Woodlands Elite – Black Ops

You can always count on Woodlands Elite Black Ops to bring the intensity. Black Ops is bringing the heat this season and snatched up yet ANOTHER National Champion title. Get into it!


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