The All Star Games just kicked off in Las Vegas with their incredible opening ceremonies. They debuted their beautiful 2017 stage, gave away a ton of amazing prizes, Simone Biles made a cameo, and Cirque du Soleil performers came out to play. Check out all the pics below.

We’re here all weekend, find the schedule and all other info for the 2017 All Star Games here.

1) This insane stage

First of all, this stage is next level. We got lights on lights on lights on lights.

2) The Games recognized each gym in attendance
All-Star-Games-athlete processional

3) Über flexibility to start the show

4) A very buff, flexible man balanced on a stick


5) The Games gave away tickets to Cirque du Soleil


6) A graceful hoop swinging routine


7) Serious hula hoop trickery

8) Headstand game so strong you feel the pain looking at it All-Star-Games-(9)

9) Ribbon flying and flipping

10) Death defying rope climbing and trickery

11) They gave away a leotard signed by the Final Five!

12) And a casual meet and great with Simone BilesAll Star Games Simone Biles