The Queens and Divas of Maryland Twisters F5 have a brand new look this season, and it’s been the talk of the town. In case you’ve been living under a rock, F5 debuted their baseball theme last month (yes, BASEBALL) and there were a few skeptics. I can’t say that I was ~totally~ convinced of the idea when I first heard it, but hunny, when we say this theme is well executed, we’re telling you it is WELL EXECUTED.

We’re talking music, voiceovers, choreography, and decked out uniforms. They went for it, and it’s everything. We got a glimpse of their routine and the theme at their showcase in November, but it was at Cheer Alliance and WSF last weekend where we got the whole package wrapped up like a box of crackerjacks in the seventh inning. They hit their routine day 2 at WSF and took home first place and a full paid bid to Worlds. Cha-Ching. They deserved it. The crowd is all for it. The people are happy.

But the story here is not the theme… everyone knows about THAT already. The real story is that everyone only seems to know one baseball reference… “F5 hit it out of the park!” or some variation of said saying. And to be clear, yes, F5 did and will most likely continue to “hit it out of the park” all season long.

BUT, we here at the Cheer Theory want you to know that there are many, many baseball puns we can all use to describe F5’s new, innovative theme.

So we did a little baseball research and came up with some other wonderful ways for you to describe their routine as they *kill it* all season long.


12 Ways to Describe F5 Using Baseball Jargon

1. F5 is serving you a curve ball right over home plate

2. The Queens are stealing bases and taking names

3. Step up to the plate hunny, F5 is ready for you

4. F5 is swinging for the fences this season

5. These Maryland girls aren’t rookies

6. It’s the bottom of the ninth, and these queens are taking it home

7. Straight out of left field, F5 is taking you out

8. No bunts! No fouls! No strikes!

9. “F5 won’t let the fear of striking out stop them from playing the game” – Babe Ruth himself

10. Maryland Twisters F5 just turned large senior into a whole new ballgame

11. Keep your eye on the ball, F5 is coming to snatch!

12. Cover your bases, these queens are ready to steal

F5 Proving Their in the Major Leagues at WSF

Alright, that’s all the ridiculousness we have for you today. Happy Friday and F5 music release day! 

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