Another year has come and gone, and there’s one thing that we know for certain, it was a fantastic year for cheerleading. We’ve gathered our favorite routines from 2016, which span both the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 seasons. Our list took into account placement, hype, and general desirability. We spend a lot of time on the internet stalking your favorite routines and now we’re proud to present the best of 2016.

From Worlds to Cheer Alliance to Champions League to showcases, there were literally thousands of performances to sift through. As always, our lists are just our personal *opinions*. Did we miss your favorite routine? Leave it in the comments below. Happy New Year!

The 16 Best Routines of 0f 2016

16. Prodigy All Stars Midnight – Worlds Finals 2016

Midnight’s finals routine at Worlds brought the crowd to their feet. With impeccable timing, solid stunts, and smooth transitions, it’s easy to watch this routine over and over again.

15. GymTyme Golden Girls – Worlds Finals 2016

These Golden Girls certainly live up to their name. They’re the reigning back-to-back champions of International Open Level 6. They largely flew under the radar because they don’t compete often in the regular season, but these Lousiville girls know how to turn it out.

14. Green Bay Elite Lime – Worlds 2016

Green Bay Elite Lime snatched a few weaves at NCA when they came out of nowhere with a routine that stole everyone’s’ hearts. They were able to clean up their routine and win the bronze medal at Worlds. 2016 felt like a major breakout year for them and we’re excited for them to make more waves this year.

13. Stingray Allstars Peach – NCA 2016

When Peach placed 5th at NCA, the cheer world was SHOOK. With nearly a perfect routine and their fans rallied behind them, it felt like they were guaranteed a medal. But alas, cheerleading is ridiculously competitive and even a perfect routine doesn’t come with guarantees.

12. World Cup Shooting Stars – Encore 2016

Shooting Stars are so good this current season that it’s unreal. Their showcase performance looked like it was ready for NCA and it looks like little has been watered down thus far. One of their most recent performances at Encore shows just how solid they already are.

11. California All Stars Cali Coed – American Grand 2016

Cali Coed is starting their 2016-17 season out incredibly strong and their day two performance at American Grand showed that they have the talent and skill this season. Cali Coed hasn’t won Worlds since 2011, and we think it may be time for them to claim the top spot.

10. Maryland Twisters Reign – Cheer Alliance 2016

Maryland Twisters Reign has become an early fan favorite this season and it’s easy to see why. Their performance at Cheer Alliance was nearly perfect and we’re here for it.

9. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite – Cheer Alliance 2016

Senior Elite is a tumbling ARMY this year. And as per usual, their stunts are incredible. Large All-Girl is so well-rounded this year that it really is anyone’s to take aka it’s whoever can hit. And if everyone hits, I’m not really sure what’s going to happen.

8. Rockstar Beetles – Champions League 2016

The hype is real this year for Bettles and we couldn’t be more excited for what they’re going to bring to the table. They finished with a bronze medal at Worlds 2016 after changing divisions and they’ve been a fan favorite every since.

7. Cheer Athletics Cheetahs

Cheer Athletics Cheetahs currently have one of our favorite routines ever performed. Everything about it looks so effortless, yet so difficult at the same time. They’ve got their work cut out for them this season.

6. ICE Lady Lightning

ICE Lady Lightning looks so incredibly solid this season and their performance at Cheer Alliance was jaw dropping.

5.Woodlands Elite Generals – Worlds 2016

One of our favorite small senior routines ever, Generals certainly know how to tumble and throw skills like it’s nobody’s business. As always, Small Senior was a tough division in 15-16 and they held their own. All eyes on them this season as they try to claim back their World Champion title.

4. Top Gun Large Coed – Cheer Alliance 2016

This routine lit up cheer twitter like a Christmas tree. Top Gun is always a crowd please, but we think we’re in store for a truly iconic TGLC year.

3. Cheer Extreme SSX – Worlds 2016

One of the most electrifying routines at Worlds 2016, SSX lived up to their hype and brought home the golden globe. Perfect stunts, incredible stunting, sassy choreography, they had it all.

2. Maryland Twisters F5 – Worlds 2016

Maryland Twisters F5 brought home their first World Championship since 2011 at Worlds 2016 with a nearly perfect routine. Amidst the intense drama at the baseball field, these girls emerged the victors.

1. Brandon All Stars Senior Black – Worlds 2016

Every year there is that ONE routine that everyone loses their mind over at Worlds and it was undeniably BSB in 2016. An undefeated season is almost unheard of these days with such fierce competition but BSB managed to pull it off.

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