All-star cheerleading and Twitter go hand-in-hand like beyoncé and the Illuminati or Worlds and rings. During competitions, you’re glued to your feed waiting for updates. And when life’s less exciting, you’re waiting for an anonymous cheer twitter to stir up some drama.

Twitter gets you and you get Twitter… If you’re a cheerleader, these tweets will speak to you on a spiritual level.

These tweets are all too real for anyone who is or was a cheerleader.

1. You’re busy…always

Life? What life?

2. Basket toss? Round 0ff? Standing back tuck? #ugh

So many words, so little time to explain. 

3. It’s a sport… get over it

How many times do you have to show them a Top Gun routine before they get it?!

4. Lol, what even is sleep?

But no worries, fifth period science class is a great chance to catch some extra Zzzzzzzzzz’s.

5. After several years of all-star cheerleading, you may or may not have asked your orthopedic doctor if he/she had a frequent customer punch card.

Thank god for insurance, amirite parents?

6. When finishing a full out is more important than… anything

Do it for the #squad

7. Arthritis, osteoporosis, paralysis… just another day as an all-star cheerleader

You’ll be in a wheelchair by 35 forsure. 

8. 200 mg? HA!

Sorry liver…

9. Feelin’ like Yeezy.. $53m in debt

But those Dippin Dots were totally worth it 

10. When your team consists of college freshman and 7th graders. No biggie!

Age is just a number…

11. When leaving practice feels like you’ve just escaped certain death

And you’re a better person because of it. 

12. The week before a major competition. Enough Said.

It’s just seven days of torture. YOU CAN DO IT.

13. When anonymous cheer twitters make you cringe…

When things get nasty on the Twiter

14. But then you remember why this sport is so great

Faith in humanity = restored

15. And when you can’t wait for it all to be over


16. But in the end, you now you’re going to miss it. A lot. Forever.

And you’ll look back on these memories as the best times for the rest of your life.

And that’s how you know you’re an all-star cheerleader.