Every year, we are b l e s s e d at the Cheerleading Worlds with routines we’ll remember forever. Something HAS changed over the years though… no longer are only the top 3 teams in each division the ones to remember. Competition is now more fierce, more entertaining, and more intense than ever before.

But, all this means is that we get to binge on more videos. We scoured through the results to find our favorite routines from Worlds 2016 and now we’re ready to share them with you.

And remember… this is just an opinion piece… no hard feelings.


19. Rockstar Cheer Beatles

After starting the season in the Small Senior Coed division, they switched to Medium Coed. Beatles ended up killing it and finishing in third. We’re living. 

18. Vizion 20/20

20/20 took home silver for the second year in a row in one of the most competitive divisions. They’ve proved that small, Midwest gyms can deliver high caliber routines. Also their male flyer is e v e r y t h i n g. 

17. Prodigy All Stars Midnight

Adios, adios bye see ya later… Midnight wasn’t talked about all season and now they have taken home their program’s first globe. Congratulations on a well executed routine y’all. 

16. Stingray Allstars Steel

You better mooooooveeeee…. get out the way! These Steel Rays were on of the few teams to hit in Champions Stadium and they looked amazing. 

15. World Cup Shooting Stars 

Yas Gaga YAS. Stars performed one of their best routines of the season. They put on a quintessential WCSS show.

14. Cheer Sport Great White Sharks

Dun nun, dun nun, dun nun…. this team is all about the details. Every move looks calculated in the best way possible.

13. California All Stars Sparkle

Sparkle came out of left field this year. After not competing at many of the major competitions this season, these girls showed up and executed a flawless routine in finals to take home the Gold.

12. Stingray Allstars Orange

We could watch their pyramid sequence over and over again, everything just looks so smooth and effortless. 

11. Woodlands Elite Generals

Details, details, details. This routine is non-stop for the full two minutes and thirty seconds. Just watch their hand and foot placement in everything from tumbling to transitions to stunts. It’s truly amazing.

10. Spirit of Texas A-Team 

This routine looks like it was choreographed to make it look like there was an army on the floor. Now this is what a World Champion performance looks like.

9. Green Bay Elite Lime

This team found themselves in the LIME light this year and now everybody knows their name. Their innovative choreography and jaw dropping stunts helped them bring home a globe this year. 

8. Maryland Twisters Reign

After watching this routine, it is crystal clear that every member of this team is passionate about what they do. Reign looks like a well-oiled machine and that running tumbling section straight into the dance is some Grade-A choreography.

7. GymTyme Golden Girls

Back-to-back World Champs! These Golden Girls are Louisville’s finest cheerleaders. They had quite the successful season considering a good chunk of these athletes won college nationals. Rings for dayz.

6. Top Gun Large Coed

Top Gun’s day 1 performance sent the hp Pavillion into a frenzy. They tumbled through a sign, executed perfect stunts, and walked away with a HIT. This performance is what large coed dreams are made of.

5. Cheer Athletics Cheetahs

World Champ status, these Cheetahs won their first Gold title since 2012 and deservedly so. And that pyramid with the flip through the scorpion will go down in cheer history. 

4. Maryland Twisters F5

Wowza, these girls had quite the season. After a little meltdown in the arena (you can read about that here), these girls took home the Gold after (nearly) hitting one of the only routines of the night.

3. Cheer Extreme SSX

We’re STILL thirsty for some more SSX. Both their semi-final and final performances left us begging for more. 

2. Cheer Athletics Wildcats

Wildcats have been a crowd favorite for many years now and it’s no surprise why. Not only did they take home the Gold, they had the highest score of the competition #GrandChampStatus. 

1. Brandon All Stars Senior Black

By far, the most celebrated team of the 2015-2016 season was Brandon Senior Black. Their flawless Day 2 performance will go down as one of the most exhilarating performances of all time. There are few times we’ve seen the arena erupt the way it did, it was truly the cherry on top of a perfect season.

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