On Monday, USASF announced a new way for Level 5 and 6 teams to earn a bid to Worlds called, USASF Worlds Cup Race. Level 5 and 6 teams will have the opportunity to earn points based on their placements at 49 different competitions throughout the season. After the final event on April 6th, 2017, the top six teams will receive one of six bids to worlds, three paid and three at-large. If a team at the top of the list already has a bid, USASF will hand it down to the next eligible team.

USASF Worlds Cup Race

It’s a pretty straightforward idea, but here are a few thoughts to consider:

It’s Innovative

USASF has never offered Worlds bids outside of an event, so this new ranking system is actually quite innovative. Now, teams who performed well throughout the season will have a fair shot at getting a Worlds bid through another means.

Every year there are plenty of teams who barely make the cut-off to win a Worlds Bid. And what’s even more common is a situation where an amazing team can never quite obtain the coveted paid bid. Talk about #justice.

It’s Going to Show Trends Throughout the Season

Tracking all-star cheerleading is quite difficult, and because 49 events are participating in the Worlds Cup Race, it will help show trends throughout the season. We’ll be able to see how a team’s early successes (or flops) play a role in their overall season’s success and even potentially predict placements at Worlds.

And don’t you worry, Cheer Theory will track all the changes throughout the season.

It’s Secretly Complicated

A ranking like this would be a lot less complicated if they awarded all bids this way. But, here’s what’s going to happen. You can almost guarantee that the top six teams will already have bids, and possibly even have paid bids.

So, at what point do teams start getting bids? Hypothetically, the teams who end of winning these bids could be quite low on the list.

My theory is that the teams who win the at-large bids will be ranked far lower than the teams who win the full paid bids.

But, USASF has controlled one major potential problem. They will only use the top five scores per team to calculate their final ranking. Without this rule, a team could win a potential bid just by showing up to as many participating events as possible.

Final Thoughts

All-in-all I think it’s the USASDF Worlds Cup Race is an exciting new way for teams to get to Worlds. Now teams who perform well throughout the season have a new, fair system to get them to Orlando next April.

You can read USASF’s release for the Worlds Cup Race here.

You can find the list of participating events here.

What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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