It’s the start of a brand new season and we’ve already seen some pretty great cheerleading. Our favorite part of a new season is the debut of new and shocking routines that take us by surprise. 

Every year, there are a handful of teams’ routines that make your jaw drop. Whether it’s an exciting stunt skill, a ~sickening~ dance, or an incredible routine composition, all of the routines below caught our eye for one reason or another. All of the teams below ~deserve~ your attention. 

Jump on the bandwagon folks, it’s time to stan some new teams. 

Louisiana Cheer Force Gold – Small Senior Coed 5

Louisiana Cheer Force Gold has one of the coolest and most unique elite stunt sequences we’ve seen so far this season. All five of their stunt groups go from a ground level split to full around ball up. If you break down the set of skills to just the full around ball up, it would be impressive on its own. But they went and added the split AND have all 5 of their stunt groups performing it? I’m sold. Stan this team now.

Woodlands Elite Recon – Small Senior Coed 5

While Woodlands Elite is in no way an underdog program, but, Recon, their small senior coed 5 team, is one of their newer Worlds teams. After watching Recon’s showcase video, I was SHOCKED. The entire routine is so visual, especially their pyramid. As the season progresses, we expect them to add a little spice here and there, tighten things up, and become a serious contender through nationals season. 

FCA Diamonds – Small Senior Coed 5

FCA Diamonds’ routine is one of the most dynamic and fun we’ve seen so far this season. Each section was choreographed to flow effortlessly into the next. Your eyes are always moving to the next section, and even though there’s a lot going on, you don’t feel confused or like you missed something else. 

The boys’ standing tumbling into the first stunt section, which then transitions to a new formation while some of the athletes do standing fulls is awesome. It’s unexpected, and as you can see/hear in their showcase video, it’s a crowd pleaser.

We’re pumped to see what else they bring to the mat this season.


CJA Team Gunz – Small Senior Coed 5 

We’ve talked a lot about Team Gunz in the past because they always produce high-quality routines. They always take the mat with strong , visually appealing skills and this year is no different. Their routine has a nice flow to it and that STUNT transition element – scorpion front roll down is so awesome.

As you may know, CJA won their first ever Cheerleading Worlds medal last year in the small senior 5 division. This year, we’re expecting them to use that momentum to their advantage.

New Jersey Spirit Explosion Fab5 – Medium Senior 5

LISTEN! NJSE Fab 5 has been phenomenal for years (especially last year!) and they deserve more recognition. They finished in both the top 10 at NCA Dallas (4th) and at the Cheerleading Worlds 2017 (7th) in an incredibly crowded division (medium senior 5).

They have fantastic routines that are filled to the brim with creativity and skill and they’re serving you the same greatness this year. Their stunt is visual and FULL of twisting skills including full ups, full and half arounds – some groups doing them twice, and more.

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And We’re Just Getting Started

We expect to see many more teams take the spotlight as true competition season gets started. Have a team you want us to check out or think should be added to this list? Leave it in the comments below or send it to us on Twitter, Facebook, or Insta

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