Sometimes The Cheerleading Worlds can be brutal. Divisions are tough and competition is fierce. Any misstep can land a team out of finals or even semi-finals for that matter. Worlds is the only competition that brings every single top tier team to one place, so it’s no surprise that each team needs to bring their A-game or suffer the consequences.

Every year there are a handful of teams that we just cannot believe do not make it to finals. It’s not that the teams who did make it to finals didn’t deserve to be there, it’s that the hype and talent of beloved teams didn’t make the cut.

8 teams that should have made finals at Worlds 2016

8. Five Star Athletics Dream

Please watch their main stunt sequence. And then rewind it and watch it again.

7. Cheer Athletics Royal Cats

Again, their main stunts are gorgeous and they. are. so. clean. Cheer Athletics Charlotte is one of CA’s newer gyms and we expect great things to come from them in the future.

6. Maryland Twisters Cobalt

This impressive team had a great season and we love the classic Maryland Twisters style they bring to the mat.

5. Rockstar Rolling Stones

International Open Large Coed 5 is one of the most difficult divisions, especially for US teams. Only three US-based teams make it to finals and it’s insanely hard to qualify. These athletes put on a show and we loved every second.

4. GymTyme Platinum

GymTyme Platinum was BACK this year. After winning Division B Small Senior Coed at Cheersport Nationals and getting second at NCA, Platinum won over the hearts of many. We expect them to return next season with a vengeance.

3. CheerForce Nfinity

Your 2015 World Champs had quite the season. They remained consistent all year long and had a near perfect routine at the Worlds Trials. Nfinity placed third at NCA and had impressive showings at every other competition they attended.

2. World Cup Odyssey

Big-O was back on the scene this year and the cheer cults of Twitter were all about them. They placed second at NCA and won UCA Nationals, so going into Worlds, the cheer community had high expectations.

1. Top Gun OO5

OO5 placed second at NCA and won UCA Nationals (coincidentally the same as WC Odyssey). They were a fan favorite going into Worlds and many expected them to take home the globe. But, no worries, we’ll see them next season. Meow.

Disclaimer: this is just my opinion. There are many, many, many talented teams that do not make finals every single year. And this list in now way is supposed to take away from those who did make finals.

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