Brandon All Stars held their showcase at their gym in Tampa, Florida on November 12, 2017. It goes without saying that Brandon All Stars has a solid program from top to bottom. Their Worlds teams, Black and Pink, consistently find themselves in the spotlight. Winning World Championships will do that. Both Black and Pink have amazing routines with incredible difficulty. Black’s stunt sequence has us gawking, it’s truly one of a kind. 

Pink also performed a great routine and hit those stunts hard. We’re excited to see them step into a new division (small senior 5). Also their large senior restricted coed 5 team is amazing and we’re total fans. Peep that center basket in the video. 


Highlights from Brandon’s 2017-2018 Showcase

Senior Black – Small Coed 5

Senior Pink – Small Senior 5

Titanium – Large Senior Coed Restricted 5

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