You may know Britney Spears as the dancing pop queen of the world, but are you aware that she’s also an aspiring 2028 Olympian?!  Ms. Spears uploaded a video of herself tumbling yesterday announcing her excitement for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. Can we all just appreciate for a minute that Britney takes gymnastic classes?!

Britney can do standing tucks, roundoff back handsprings, handstands, walking handstands – all while being one of the most popular artists of all time. Not bad.

And of course, Twitter appropriately reacted to the video:

She is the fitness icon we’ve been looking for

Even the US Olympic Team had something to say about it

And then some threw some shady shade

She may even inspire an entire generation of retirees to tumble once again

Thank you Britney for everything you do. We love you. Xoxo. 

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