There was certainly a BATTLE in Atlanta, Georgia this year. BUTBT is always a fan favorite, maybe it’s the over-the-top stage or maybe it’s the glitter. But, really it’s the first time the general public gets a look at some of the biggest names in cheer.

Stingray Allstars and Cheer Extreme stole the show this year and Top Gun Large Coed got our blood pumping as per usual.

Here’s everyone who took home a bid from Battle this year. They may have won this battle, but the war has just begun.

Paid Bids

Cheer Extreme SSX

Okay girls, we see you. Also… that music… we won’t tell anyone where that clip’s beat came from *cough*

Stingray Allstars Steel

Holy wow. We haven’t seen Steel come out of the gates this hot…ever. Also those uniforms? Tens across the board.

At-Large Bids

Cheer Savannah


LA Cheer Force

Rockstar Cheer Queens