The California All Stars’ six locations came together in Irvine, California to showcase their incredible 58 teams. For six hours straight, we watched back-to-back performances of every team they’re bringing to the mat this season. From level one to level six, Cali puts time and effort into all of their teams, and it truly shows (both at showcases and at championships… okurrrr). 

California All Stars has 11 Worlds teams for the 2017-2018 season in every division they’re eligible for except one – it’s a pretty incredible spread of talented teams. They added two new Worlds teams this year, Midnight in large senior 5 and Vixens in medium senior 5. ACES from Las Vegas switched from medium senior 5 to small international coed 5. Also back on the scene this year is Junior Mafia, their junior coed 5 team from San Marcos. We have videos of every Worlds level team plus BlackJacks and Junior Mafia. Enjoy. 

Check out the highlights from the California All Stars Showcase 2017 below

BlackJacks – Senior Coed 4

Junior Mafia – Junior Coed 5

Lady Bullets – Small Senior 5

SMOED – Small Senior Coed 5

Vixens – Medium Senior 5

Black Ops – Medium Senior Coed 5

Midnight – Large Senior 5

Cali Coed – Large Senior Coed 5

Sparkle – International All Girl 5

ACES – International Small Coed 5

Ghost Recon – International Large Coed 5

Reckless- International Small Coed 6

Rangers – International Large Coed 6

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