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The third annual Champions League will take place in Washington, D.C. The event differentiates itself with their full-scale movie production and live-streaming events. Every level 5 team’s goal is to get into The League which consists of 30 teams. The League will compete against one another and the winner will make a donation to a charity of their choosing.  is the 26 teams return from last year and six teams will compete for the Wild Card.

26 teams return to The League from last year and six teams will compete for the Wild Card. Any level five all-girl or coed team is invited to Play-In. The Play-In determines who will take the six Wild Cards. Two coed teams and four all-girl teams will complete the 30 team League.

Every team chooses a charity who will benefit if the team wins. The Nfinity Champions League will win $10,000 for their charity and the runner-up team’s charity will receive $5,000.

The Champions League 2016 Results

Champions League Results


1. ICE Lady Lightning

2. Woodlands Elite Generals

3. Greensboro

4. East Celebrity Elite CT

5. Top Gun Angels

6. World Cup Suns

7. CNY Weathergirls

1. Brandon Senior Black

2. California All Stars SMOED

3. ICE Thunder

4. GymTyme Platinum

5. Twist & Shout Diamonds

6. LA Cheer Force Gold

7. Maryland Twisters Cobalt

8. Five Star Athletics

9. World Cup Omni

10. USA Wildcats

11. Spirit Heatwave

1. California All Stars Aces

2. FAME All Stars Super Seniors

3. South Jersey Storm Lady Reign

4. Top Gun Lady Jags

5. ICE Weather Girls

6. Maryland Twisters Weather Girls

7. World Cup Phoneix

8. CNY Storm Warning

1. California All Stars Black Ops

2. Woodlands Elite Black Ops

3. CheerForce Blackout

4. Maryland Twisters Reign

5. Cheer Athletics Junglecats

6. East Celebrity Elite C5

7. World Cup Odyssey

8. Twist & Shout Obsession

1. Cheer Athletics Panthers

2. Cheer Extreme Senior Elite

3. World Cup Shooting Stars

4. Maryland Twisters F5

1. California All Stars Cali Coed

2. Cheer Extreme Coed Elite

3. Titan Cheer Corp

4. Top Gun Large Coed

$10,000 Winner: Brandon All Stars Senior Black

$5,000 Runner-Up: $5,000