Cheer Athletics’ annual Blue Debut took place Saturday, October 28th. All of their Texas teams took the mat to showcase what they’ve been working on all summer. Word on the Twitter machine is that these cats are pretty good (again) this season.


Panthers are serving you sass, talent, and jumps to front tuck – they are starting this season off super strong and we’re here for it. Cheetahs have another solidly difficult routine with some of the most difficult large senior coed stunts. Wildcats’ routine has some super creative elements, like the handstand circle stunts, which will be a HUGE crowd-pleaser. Swooshcats literally sit in their stunts and full around from it. FierceKatz has a fun routine that will be totally cleaned up by competition season. Onyx looks super solid and a nice progression from last year. Jags have an intense routine that is so just so entertaining. They’re going to be incredible this year. 

Panthers – Large Senior 5 

Cheetahs – Large Senior Coed 5

Wildcats – International Large Coed 5

Swooshcats – International Small Coed 5

FierceKatz – International Open 5

OnyxCats – Medium Senior 5

Jags – Junior Coed 5

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