Cheer Athletics is extremely good at two things: cheerleading and building hype. It’s really a winning combination for everyone. Over the past few seasons, they’ve really nailed down how to get keep people excited about their teams.

They benefit from a huge fan base, but their system, intentional or not, is pretty impressive. 

Panthers and Cheetahs’ are always two of the first music releases of the season. And just a few weeks later, after all the cheer fans learn their music, they perform epic routines for the first time at Blue Debut. The stage is beautiful, the arena is packed, and the videos are CRISP (shoutout to Andy Simon!).

Of course, all of that happens before November, which gives them another month to clean things up a bit more before they head to their first Cheerleading Worlds bid competition. Package all of that hype building into one package, and you have a recipe for one giant fandom. 

This year was no different, and we’re wildly impressed with each routine that they put on the mat. Their routines are as good as their music, and they’re definitely not sleeping after taking home two World Champion titles at Worlds 2018

We only included videos of their level 5 Worlds teams, but you can see other videos on Andy Simon’s channel here


Cheer Athletics Cheetahs

Cheer Athletics is responsible for creating some of the greatest large coed routines of all time. Last year was truly one of the best routines in cheerleading history, and this season it’s all that and then some. This routine feels a little flashier than in year’s previous, and we’re here for it! 

Cheer Athletics Panthers

Panthers want all of y’all to know that they broke that curse and ready to do it all again. That hand-in-hand, that ankle grab double spin (what are we going to call this?), and incredibly well-flowing routine are all a recipe for a good season in our book.

Cheer Athletics Wildcats

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Wildcats look so good this early in the season. Right now, they look like an all star team and a college cheer team were thrown into a blender and created a super clean, hard-hitting stunts, but with an allstar flare to spruce things up.

Cheer Athletics Swooshcats

Oh HELLO Swooshcats – that elite stunt is something ELSE.  I expected that stunt sequence to end two or three times, but they just kept spinning and spinning and spinning. I cannot wait to see what this team looks like in a couple of months (or ya know, maybe just one month).