The Cheer Athletics empire is headed to St. Louis. The decorated co-owners Demo Garret, Calen Cook, and Will Esteves are the three forces behind the latest Cheer Athletics location. The trio is set to bring a new experience and environment to the ever-growing Missouri cheerleading community. After Demo’s partner transferred to St. Louis, he connected with Calen and Will who had their sights set on building a new legacy, much like the ones they helped build at previous programs like GymTyme, Top Gun, Cheer Athletics Plano, Louisville, and beyond.

Their Mission to Take on St. Louis

I chatted with all three of their owners about their goals for their inaugural season. Most importantly, they hope to bring a fresh and positive environment to the St. Louis area. Demo, Calen, and Will all believe that cheerleading offers the opportunity to teach more than just eight counts. As most of us believe, cheer builds life skills – and that’s the atmosphere they hope to build.

Their number one goal is to build a strong program, and that starts with building strong teams with the right athletes. They hope to create a Worlds non-tumbling team based on the interest they’ve already received. Demo, Calen, and Will offer a diverse skillset that is valuable to all teams from minis to high schools to colleges. They are set to create a well-rounded program that offers a little bit of something for everyone – classes, training, community, and competition all included.

Why Cheer Athletics

Cheer Athletics is one of the most recognized program names in the industry and I wanted to know why they chose the CA name. It all came down to support and the family-orientated nature of the program. The original Cheer Athletics Plano owners offer heavy-handed support to their satellite programs, including access to coaches from each location, mentorship, and a culture that values community. All locations regularly interact to offer support and guidance – and in these unprecedented times, the CA St. Louis staff said it’s been more important than ever.

Cheering in 2020

And on a personal level, I wanted to hear how Demo, Calen, and Will see cheerleading in 2020 – what are the positive changes and what do they miss. All three agreed that the caliber of cheer has skyrocketed, specifically elite stunt sequences and pyramids. Demo also mentioned the high production value routines offer – it’s been taken to a whole new level. So many routines offer a show that he described as a Broadway production – and not just the big-name legacy teams.

I also asked what they wished was different about cheer. While competitive cheer has become so high-caliber, it comes at a cost. Jam-packing routines often means that consistency is harder to achieve from performance to performance. They also mentioned the disparity between school cheer and competitive cheer. One day they hope that the rules between all-star cheer and school cheer come closer together. Neither score sheet or skill set prepares one for the other completely, and there’s an opportunity to bridge that gap.

Get in Touch with Cheer Athletics St. Louis

St. Louis has quickly become a hot spot for cheerleading in the Midwest. Personally, I’m excited to see what the 2020-2021 season and beyond will offer.

To learn more about Cheer Athletics St. Louis, check out their website here.

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