Cheer Central Suns held their annual pre-season showcase on November 5th, 2017 in Denver, Colorado. Fun fact: Cheer Central Suns is Colorado and New Mexico’s largest all-star cheerleading program. And not only are they big, they’re pretty good too. 

This year, Cheer Central Suns has one Worlds level team in the small senior coed 5 division, Revolution. They had a great first performance, and we expect them to have a sharp, clean routine come competition season. Their large senior 4 team, Fever, looks like an army on the floor and their routine showcases a whole lot of talent. Ignite, small coed 5 restricted, also had a solid debut. 


Cheer Central Suns Video Highlights

Revolution – Small Coed 5

Ignite – Small Coed 5 Restricted

Fever – Large Senior 4

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