Cheer Extreme Senior Elite is the latest team to debut a web series. Video series featuring all-star teams are becoming quite common and honestly, it’s probably the best addition to cheer media since Twitter. Over the summer we had Cheersport Great White Sharks on Freeform, California Allstars Smoed has had a YouTube series for five seasons now, and I’m sure there are several others in the works right now.

As Courtney Smith-Pope explains in the opening of Beneath the Crown, these video series give fans a totally different view of  the teams they have come to know and love. Every all-star cheerleader knows the struggle behind a good routine, but sometimes we forget that perfect routines don’t just happen. It takes an indescribable amount of hard work, sweat, and tears to get performance ready.

I love that Senior Elite is opening up their doors and giving us all an inside look. As one of the most beloved teams in history, I’m sure there’s a lot we can learn from their tried and true methods. In this first episode, we get a sneak peak at several of SE’s new stunts, some of their crazy tumbling, and get to know a teammate who flips tires for fun. Super casual. 

Check out their first video below & let us know what you think


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