Cheer Extreme unleashed their teal army and it looks like it’s going to be another knockout year. With gyms across the country, they have enough teams to fill out every division (if not all, I haven’t done the research). Check out all the videos we could snag from Twitter. We’ll update the list as other videos become available.

Jr3Lite Large Jr. 3

Spotlight Large Senior 4.2

Sharkbites – Large Youth 4

Kiwi Large Jr. 4

Senior 4 Lite Large Senior 4

C4 Large Coed 4

Princesses Small Jr. 5 Restricted

Crush Large Jr. Coed 5

Legacy Small Senior 5 Restricted

Youth Elite Small Youth 5


Senior Elite Large Senior 5

Shade Medium Senior 5

SMOEX Medium Coed 5

Cougars International All Girl 5

Coed Elite Large Coed 5


SSX Small Senior 5

Passion Medium Senior 5

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