Cheer Theory’s Guide to The Majors 2017

The Majors is a one-day competition held in Indianapolis, IN that touts itself as the most selective and prestigious event in all-star cheerleading. This invite-only event is a chance for some of the best cheerleading teams to compete against one another in a head-to-head competition. Prior to The Majors, top-tier teams would generally not compete against one another until NCA or Worlds. But now, we get an unprecedented preview of the fiercest competition cheerleading has to offer. 

The Majors 2017 takes place in downtown Indy Friday night January 20th. There are 23 teams competing from 14 different gyms in 6 divisions. The line-up is insane and we are ready.

Results to The MAJORS 2017

Our Guide to The Majors 2017

We’ve been closely following the 2016-2017 season and Twitter has been making predictions left and right. We’re not going to (publicly) predict who will win, but we here to provide our opinion and some facts on all 23 teams who will attend this event. We’ve seen at least one incredible performance from each of these team and Majors 2017 is set up to be the best yet. 

Small Senior 5

ICE Lady Lightning

ICE Lady Lightning blew us away at the Cheer Alliance Championship in December. They have a difficult routine that’s visually pleasing and easy to love. One of the most notable things about their routine is their iconic corner-to-corner squad tumbling. Their elite stunt is also incredible and includes 5 rippled 1 and 3/4 to immediate stretch.

We expect they’ll come to Majors with some upgrades and a cleaned up routine. They have some incredibly difficult competition this weekend, both who competed this last weekend and they competed nearly perfect routines. See their video from Cheer Alliance below.

Woodlands Elite Generals

There are a million words to describe Woodlands Elite Generals a few different ways, but we’ll just go with effortless. This past weekend, they hit their routines HARD. It looked easy, clean, and refined.

People love to talk about Generals’ tumbling because it’s unreal. They have two synchronized bounce back passes in running tumbling and it’s everything. But, what we’re loving most about their routine is their elite stunt. Often small senior teams stunts all look the same, but they’ve managed to add a certain flare that works well. Their double arounds are just… inspiring. Generals look like they float through the entire thing. See their video from ACA below.

Cheer Extreme SSX

Bring out the World Champs! We’ve seen several performances from SSX this season and each time they’ve produced a show-stopping routine. They won Worlds in 2016 but placed second at the Cheer Alliance Championship behind Generals and the rivalry between the two is piping hot. 

SSX has a flashier style than both Lady Lightning and Generals. We would say they’re sassy and quippy without being over the top. They’ve made a few upgrades already this season and it would not surprise us if they make more changes before Friday night. See their video from Spirit of Hope below.

Small Coed 5

World Cup All Stars Odyssey

Odyssey joined small coed this year after spending many years in the medium coed division. We last saw them last at the Cheer Alliance Championship where they put on a solid performance. We’ll probably see a handful of upgrades to their stunts and choreography for Friday night’s event.

At Cheer Alliance they were super clean but lacked the energy that we tend to see from Midnight and BSB. World Cup is quite good at teaching their athletes how to put on a production, and we think we’ll get more of that at The Majors. Check out their video from Cheer Alliance below.

Prodigy All Stars Midnight

Midnight won the bronze medal at Worlds 2016 and they have been one of the best small coed teams for several years. They have great skills and know how to hit a routine. Based on their recent performances, we’re not going to see many stunt bobbles or other simple mistakes either. After re-watching their video from Encore Championship in November, it’s obvious that they’ve put in the work to get the details right. You can watch that performance below.

Brandon Allstars Senior Black

BSB, the most hyped team of 2016, is back with another routine loaded with talent. If you’re reading this right now, you’re well aware of how “finicky” the cheerleading world is. People were so obsessed with them last year because every performance was perfect and they were undefeated all season. After Maryland Twisters Blackout beat Brandon at the Cheer Alliance Championship, their perfect record was shattered and many of their fans abandoned them. Small senior coed has so many talented teams, it’s harder than ever to keep all the attention on just one.

But, there is no doubt that this team is insanely talented and I think The Majors will be a huge opportunity for them to build their hype back up. Watch their video from Cheer Alliance below. 

Medium All Girl

Fame Super Seniors

Fame Super Seniors have some of the best choreography year after year, and we’re here for it. Super Seniors won the fan’s choice award to compete at the 2017 Majors and we think they fit in just fine. They’ve got the talent and more than enough energy to hold their own in this division. 

The medium senior division is stacked this year with talent and Super Seniors are doing everything right this season. Their elite stunt is a combination of double and full around to the top followed by another round of double arounds. Their tumbling looks sharp and their routine as a whole is very clean. Check out their video from Mid-Atlantic National Championship below. 

Spirit of Texas A-Team

The reigning World Champs competed last weekend at ACA  and gave us two crowd-pleasing performances. Their routines were solid but had a few mistakes here and there. We’re sure they’re headed back to the gym to get focused for Friday’s event. Their difficult is there and they could definitely do well if they can work out a few of the kinks. 

Stingray All Stars Peach

These Peachy girls pulled off a HIT day two at Spirit of Hope and they put on an energy-filled, calculated routine. Stingrays win with clean routines that hit, and this team now has several solid performances to back them up. A lot of cheerleading is just getting the hang of performing in a competition setting. We expect to see great things from them this upcoming weekend! See their day one performance from this past weekend below. 

California All Stars Aces

ACES YEET! Aces debuted a fun and flashy routine at American Grand where they won their full paid bid. They have a really good fan base so we’re constantly hearing about them despite the fact that we’ve only seen them compete once. Aces will probably come to The Majors with a full loaded routine, upgraded from what we saw in Vegas. We’re loving their routine already and can’t wait to see what they bring to the mat. 

Medium Coed

Rockstar Cheer Beatles

Beatles are one of the most hyped teams of the season. They have an incredible elite stunt that every cheer-obsessed group has recreated and put on Twitter. Beatles had a near perfect routine at Champions League and two more great performances at Spirit of Hope. Medium Senior Coed is going to be all about who hits. And like, can we talk about their split to scorpion in their final pyramid structure? Ridiculous. Their social media game is on point, which is why they’re reaping the. benefits of an active fan base right now. Keep it up! 

Maryland Twisters Reign

Reign has also had their fair share of hype this year and it’s because they keeping putting on bomb performances. They’re strong in each aspect of their routine, and they have the luxury of walking into The Majors with several solid performances under their belt. They have a difficult routine that already looks crazy clean. We haven’t seen them perform since Cheer Alliance, so it’s likely we’re going to see a little something new at The Majors. Check out their video from Cheer Alliance below. Also, we’re just obsessed with those uniforms. They look so clean on the floor! 

Spirit of Texas Royalty

Royalty had two solid performances at ACA and they look like the same world-class team that won Worlds last April. They debuted their routine in December and looked strong at ACA with a just a few mistakes. Confidence and a hit will be all that matters at The Majors. 

Also, Royalty has one of the best mixes of the season and we can’t stop listening to it. Check out their performance from ACA below.

Large All Girl

Cheer Extreme Senior Elite

Senior Elite is a powerhouse this year and they scored incredibly well at the Cheer Alliance Championship in New York. Their routine this year is absolutely insane from tumbling to stunts to their pyramid, they really have one of the best routines of the season. Large senior will be extremely close all season long as there really is no weak player, which is especially true for those competing at The Majors. We can almost guarantee they will have made some upgrades since Cheer Alliance, cause that’s how CSP rolls. 

Cheer Athletics Panthers

Panthers have the skill and routine to win, but we’re still waiting for them to hit their routine. With so many moving parts, it’s easy to have a few mistakes in a performance, but in this division especially, it will take zero deductions to win – as long as at least someone hits that is.

Check out their video from ACA below.

World Cup All Stars Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars are back with another iconic themed routine this year. In true World Cup fashion, their routine is a lot more show and a lot less utilitarian in style than other teams in Large Senior. They have performed several times this season and they’ve had nearly perfect routines each time. Stars are not messing around this year after Worlds 2016 and we’re here for it. They are definitely the cleanest and most refined looking team in Large Senior right now. 

Check out their video from the Cheer Alliance Championship below.

Maryland Twisters F5

Reigning World Champs F5 have already proved that they’re not messing around this season either. Their routine is packed with difficulty and they know how to perform it. Their fanbase is strong this year and they’re giving us everything we need to fall in love with them. We’re excited to see upgrades and a tightened up routine this Friday. Check out their video from Mid-Atlantic Championship below. 

Stingray All Stars Orange

Orange is the only Large Senior team competing at The Majors who did not go to the Cheer Alliance Championships, so it will be fun to see how they stack up against the competition. Orange is also extremely talented and had a good showing at Spirit of Hope with only a few minor mistakes. If every large senior team hits, the judges will have to nit pick the routines to choose the winners.

Large Coed

Stingray All Stars Steel

Steel had an incredible Day 1 performance at Spirit of Hope. They honestly looked like a different team than we saw earlier this year, and we’re here for it! Large Coed, like Large Senior, has always been stacked with talent. If Steel delivers a hit, they’re going to do very well.

California All Stars Cali Coed

Cali Coed gave us a great Day 2 performance at American Grand in December and they’ve been quietly working ever since. If California All Stars stays true to their culture, Coed will probably come out with a routine that’s been completely re-done. We’re expecting upgrades and general cleaning. 

See their video from American Grand below.

Top Gun Allstars TGLC

Top Gun stole the show at the Cheer Alliance Championships with a jaw-dropping performance. Their routine oozes the Top Gun goodness that we’ve all come to know and love. That’s not much else to say other than they’ve got the talent, skill, and the ability to hit. We’re ready to gawk over another performance. Check out their video from Cheer Alliance below. 

Cheer Extreme Coed Elite

Coed Elite put on a perfect performance at Spirit of Hope over the weekend, solidifying themselves as a major contender in Large Coed for 2017.  They took home Grand Champs and now have a HUGE confidence boost to lead them into The Majors. Their routine is so fun to watch and their athletes look they are having such a good time. 

See their day 2 video from SOH below.

Cheer Athletics Cheetahs

Reigning World Champs, Cheetahs,  have one of the best routines of the season. In our opinion, it’s one of their best routines ever. Every detail about their routine looks well thought out, and they have some of the best transitions in Large Coed. They competed at ACA over the weekend and had an incredible day 2 performance. With so many talented teams in one division, The Majors will be a show.


The Majors is going to have the greatest showing of teams that January has ever had to offer. We’ll see many of these teams go head-to-head again at NCA, but rivalry matchups this early in the season are something to get very excited about.

Bring it on.