Previously, we ranked gyms based on their total Worlds titles. After we posted the original ranking, more than a few people wanted to know what would happen if you ranked gyms based only on senior-level Worlds wins. You ask, we deliver.

We took our original ranking and filtered out all international and junior level divisions. This left behind senior level Worlds winners from 2004-2016.

There are some benefits to ranking a gym based on their senior level wins. Many gyms have extremely strong international teams and because of that, they attract talent from all over the country. While it’s become more common for senior-aged kids to move across the country to join a high performing team, it’s still not as common as international divisions.

As expected, a few teams climbed the ranks, and a few fell. Here’s a little bit of what happened:

  • The California All Stars now takes the top spot over Cheer Athletics
  • Stingray Allstars climbs to third from fifth in our previous ranking
  • GymTyme’s incredibly successful international teams hurt them in this ranking
  • Brandon All Stars climbs to ninth place from tenth
  • Fun fact: Spirit of Texas has never won a bronze medal in a senior level division before
  • There are 74 teams on our total ranking list, but only 37 on our senior-level list

Check out the full list below

Cheer Theory Senior Level Ranking Based on Worlds Titles

You can see our original ranking based on total Worlds titles here

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