The Cheerleading Worlds 2018 was one for the books and 42 new globes went home to deserving teams, programs, and athletes. As is our annual tradition, we ranked each program based on the number of globes they have won. Each golden globe receives five points, each silver globe receives three points, and each bronze globe receives one point. We add it all up and reverse rank them starting with the most points.  


A year of firsts: 

Programs who won their first-ever Cheerleading Worlds globe:  

  • Cheer Express Florida
  • University Cheer Force
  • Maine Stars Cheer
  • SCV All Stars
  • Elite Cheer Stars 
  • Fire All Stars (Puerto Rico)  

Programs who won their first-ever World Champion title: 

  • Prodigy All Stars 
  • Cheer Express Florida 
  • University Cheer Force

Cheer Theory’s 2018 Gym Ranking Based on Worlds Titles:

RankGym NameGoldSilverBronzeTotalWeighted
1Cheer Athletics24181153185
2California All Stars1517739133
3GymTyme Allstars192425105
4Stingray All Stars11782684
4Top Gun All Stars11782684
6Spirit of Texas71432480
7Cheer Extreme Allstars69132870
8World Cup All Stars7541654
9Maryland Twisters5351339
10Flyers Allstarz4451337
11Twist & Shout3551335
12Brandon All Stars432931
13Cheer Sport Sharks333927
14Woodlands Elite133717
14Georgia Allstars221517
14East Celebrity Elite221517
18Rockstar Cheer043715
19ICE Allstars203513
21Bangkok University200210
21Miami Elite200210
23Ace Cheer Company11139
23Prodigy All Stars11139
25South Elite Allstars11028
26Kentucky Elite10237
27Stealth All Stars10126
27University Cheer10126
30FAME Allstars01235
30Green Bay Elite01235
30South Jersey Storm01235
30Cheer Express10015
30Encore Cheer Company10015
30Flip Factory10015
30PACE Phoneix Allstarz10015
30University Cheer Force10015
39Charlotte Allstars01124
39Infinity Titans01124
39Pro Spirit01124
39Southern Cross Cheerleading Australia01124
39Star Athletics01124
39Texas Lonestar Cheer Company01124
39Vancouver Allstars01124
47Pacific Coast Magic00333
47Austin Cheer Factory01013
47BCA Club Deportivo01013
47Champion Cheer01013
47Maine Stars01013
47Middle School of GuanXi University01013
47No 26 Middle School of Nanning China01013
47PACE Empire01013
47Pirates Athletics01013
47Platinum Elite All Star01013
47Stars Vipers01013
47Storm Cheer01013
47The Cheer Zone01013
47Tigres UNAL Mexico01013
47Tribe Cheer01013
62American Cheer00222
62Central Jersey All Stars00222
62Gothenburg Cheer One00222
65Basics Superstars00111
65Desert Storm00111
65Elite Cheer00111
65Extreme Cheer and Dance00111
65Fire All Stars00111
65Gold Star Galaxy Scotland00111
65Guangzhou Sports University00111
65Jaguars All Stars00111
65KC Cheer00111
65Louisiana Cheer Force00111
65Mac's All Star Cheer00111
65Memphis Elite00111
65Oklahoma Twisters00111
65Pro Cheer Inc00111
65SCV All Stars00111
65Team Puerto Rico00111
65Team UK00111
65Ultimate Athletics00111
65West Valley Thunder00111

2018 Gym Ranking Graphic:

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