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Like any good cheerleader, we love to count. Cheer Theory has already counted how many medals each gym has won over the years and ranked them according to total globes won.

Our first ranking treats every medal win the same, which means each gym earns one point per medal. But, we wondered what would happen if you weighted the scores, meaning different placements receive different scores.

We used our original globe list and gave the gyms five points for each Gold medal, three points for each silver, and one point for each bronze. Then, using the weighted score we get a new ranking.

It’s my opinion that a World Championship title should have greater weight than a silver and that a silver should have more weight than a bronze.

Cheer Athletics remains in first, which isn’t surprising considering they have 12 more medals than the second place gym, California All Stars. Fun fact: Cheer Athletics has won 12% of all the Worlds medals ever awarded. Cray cray.

Here’s what happens to the Top 10:

  • Cheer Athletics and California All Stars maintain their first and second place standing.
  • GymTyme jumps to third from fifth because when they globe at Worlds, 81% of the time they win Gold.
  • Stingray All Stars moves to fourth place from fifth place.
  • Spirit of Texas moves to fifth place from fourth.
  • Cheer Extreme Allstars moves to sixth place from third.
  • Top Gun moves to seventh place from sixth place.
  • World Cup All Stars moves to eighth place from Maryland Twisters
  • Twist & Shout moves to tenth place from ninth place.
  • Brandon All Stars moves to eleventh place from 10th place.
  • Cheer Sport Sharks and Flyers Allstarz move to 12th place from 10th.

Another interesting tid-bit, without weighted scores, there are only 16 placements even though there are 74 gyms who have won a Worlds medal. When you weight the scores, there are 22 placements. There is a lack of disparity because the same gyms tend to win over and over again, while other gyms have fewer medal winning performances.

Cheer Theory Gym Ranking

Cheer Theory Weighted-Medal-Counts

Cheer Theory Weighted Medal Counts 2

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