Varsity’s The Summit began in 2013 as the pinnacle end-of-the-year bid event for all teams and levels (except for senior and international level 5 and 6 teams). Teams compete all season long for a wildcard, at-large, or full paid bid to perform at ESPN Wide World of Sports for the coveted National Champion title.

In 2016, Varsity introduced The D2 Summit for gyms with 125 athletes or fewer. The D2 Summit allows smaller gyms to compete on a level playing field.

For such an important event, we thought it might be helpful to track down each team who has won a medal in the past five years. Since The Summit’s inception in 2013, 775 teams from 240 different programs have won a gold, silver, or bronze medal.

We ranked each gym on a weighted scale: gold = 5, silver = 3, bronze = 1. For the sake of this ranking, we combined The Summit and The D2 Summit bids. Many gyms have won titles at both events and it would create confusion to separate them. Programs with D2 Summit medals are clearly marked in the table with an asterisk.

Near the top of the list, we see many of the same programs that top the list in our ranking based on the Cheerleading Worlds titles such as The California All Stars, The Stingray All Stars, Cheer Athletics, and Cheer Extreme. We also see a few new programs enter the top spots, i.e. SCV All Stars, Infinity All Stars, and Cheer Centrals Suns, among many others.

Please Note:

We tried our absolute best to provide an accurate ranking, but as always, there is room for error. If something seems off – shoot us an email at

** June 22, 2017 Update** We’ve made many updates based on feedback and corrections. We are aware that there are incomplete results for The Summit 2013 level 3 teams and are working to get it fixed.

Cheer Theory’s Program Ranking Based on Summit Titles

You can view a list of all medalists listed by year, here.

Programs marked with an asterisk (*) have received D2 Summit bid titles.

1The California All Stars2018947163
2The Stingray All Stars*179329115
3Cheer Athletics13792995
4Cheer Extreme All Stars91162684
5SCV All Stars10462068
6Rockstar Cheer*5782054
8East Celebrity Elite7231244
9Woodlands Elite4521137
10Stars Vipers4271333
10Top Gun All Stars4341133
12Infinity All Stars440832
14Cheer Central Suns432931
14Terre Haute All Star University*3441131
16Express Cheer430729
18GymTyme All Stars421727
18Pacific Coast Magic414927
20Cheer Express All Stars332826
20Louisiana Cheer Force251826
22Star Athletics241723
23Cheer Factory232721
23Florida Top Dog All Stars313721
23Pro Athletics401521
26FCA Gems135919
26Twist & Shout230519
28Matrix All Stars*222618
29Cheer Factor133717
29Cheer Tyme*133717
29Georgia Heat221517
32Cheer Craze All Stars*301416
32Extreme All Stars*220416
32Flip City All Stars301416
32South Georgia Allstars*220416
32Spirit All Stars*213616
38Arkansas Cheer Dynamix*131515
38Savannah Sharks*300315
38Spirit of Texas212515
41Laredo All American All Stars211414
41Step 1 Allstars211414
43Arizona Heat All Stars*210313
43Central Jersey All Stars122513
43Cheer Corps*122513
43Hawaii All Stars122513
43Starlite All Stars203513
48Shine All Star Cheer202412
48Texas Power Athletics121412
48University Cheer Force114612
51CC Champs*120311
51Cheer Intensity201311
51Davis All Stars Gym INC*120311
51Devilray All Stars120311
51Pro Spirit120311
51Valley Cheer Elite*201311
51Vizion All Stars032511
59All 4 Cheer*200210
59All Star Revolution200210
59Cheer Company of Michigan*200210
59South Bay Divas*200210
59Total Cheer*200210
64ACE Cheer Company11139
64Atlanta Jayhawks11139
64Bay State All Stars11139
64Champion Cheer03039
64Knight Time Cheer*02359
64Maine Stars*11139
64Perfection All Stars*11139
64San Antonio Spirit*11139
64Spirit Athletics*11139
64The Matrix All Stars11139
64Upper Merion All Stars*03039
64Wylie Elite*11139
76ACE Cheerleading11028
76Advanced Cheer Crew*11028
76Castle Cheer Factory*11028
76Champion All Stars*10348
76Cheeriffic Allstars*11028
76Fierce Athletics11028
76Florida Team Cheer*11028
76Intensity Athletics11028
76Jersey All Stars02248
76Kawasaki Kids Cheerleading Club11028
76Maryland Twisters11028
76Ultimate Athletics02248
89All That Sensations*10237
89Brandon All Stars01457
89Cheer Florida All Stars10237
89Premier Athletics02137
89Prodigy All Stars10237
89Python All Stars01457
89Rock Solid All Stars10237
89South Jersey Storm10237
89Team Illinois Cheer02137
89Texas Elite*10237
99Arizona Element Elite*10126
99Buffalo Envy All Stars*02026
99Envy Cheer*02026
99Hagerstown Heat10126
99North Coast All Stars*10126
99Ohio Extreme10126
99Pittsburgh Superstars02026
99Spirit Xtreme01346
99Texas Lonestar Cheer Co10126
99The Cheer Pitt*10126
1101st Class Athletics*10015
110Biron Elite Cheer*10015
110California Flyers*10015
110California Storm*10015
110CAO Elite*10015
110Cheer Nation Athletics10015
110Corona Star's Cheer*10015
110Crimson Heat10015
110Elite All Stars*01235
110Extreme Athletics*10015
110First Class Athletics10015
110Georgia All Stars10015
110Island Elite*10015
110Luxe Cheer*10015
110Maryland All Stars*10015
110Naperville Elite All Stars*10015
110Oklahoma Twisters10015
110One Elite All Stars*10015
110Onyx All Stars10015
110Revolution Athletics*10015
110River Cities Cheerleading*10015
110Storm All Stars10015
110Texas Empire*10015
110Twisters All Stars10015
110Valley All Stars*01235
110West Coast Fame All Stars*10015
138All Star Academy*01124
138Allstar Panthers*01124
138Cheers & More01124
138Elite Cheer Michigan01124
138South Elite All Stars01124
138Turners All Stars*01124
138United Force of Ohio*01124
145Alaska All Stars*01013
145All Star Fusion01013
145All Star Legacy01013
145Apex Cheer01013
145Cali Coast Elite*01013
145Cheer Invasion All Stars*01013
145Cheer Nation01013
145Cheer Time Revolution*01013
145CTA Highflyers*01013
145Desert Elite Mavericks*01013
145East Coast Nitros01013
145Elite All Stars of Maine*01013
145Excite Gym and Cheer01013
145Florida Triple Threat Allstars*01013
145Florida Wildcats All Stars01013
145Full Force*01013
145Grand Cheer*01013
145Green Bay Elite01013
145Idaho Cheer*01013
145IDOL Athletes of Miami01013
145Legendz Allstars*01013
145Louisiana Athletics01013
145Lunar All Stars*01013
145Northern Lights All Stars*01013
145Pittsburgh Pride All Stars*01013
145Pride of Illinois*01013
145Rah Elite Allstars*01013
145REFLEX Jags*01013
145Spirit Central01013
145Spirit Central South*01013
145Stars Athletics*01013
145The Cheer Center01013
145Victory! All Stars01013
145Warren County All Stars01013
145World Cup01013
182New Jersey Spirit Explosion00222
182Orlando All Stars00222
182Power House All Stars00222
182Vizion Athletix*00222
186All Star Cheer Academy*00111
186American Cheer00111
186Beyond All Stars*00111
186Bravo All Stars00111
186Buckeye Cheer Elite*00111
186Bullitt Athletics Twin Lakes00111
186Celebrity Cheer00111
186Champs Central*00111
186Cheer Fusion All Stars00111
186Cheer Legendz00111
186Cheer Northwest*00111
186Cheer Revolution All Stars00111
186Diamonds All Stars00111
186Douglasville Cheer Stars*00111
186Exceptional Athletics Nebraska*00111
186FAME All Stars00111
186Fusion Athletics*00111
186ICT Cheer Legacy*00111
186Ignite Allstars*00111
186Immortal Athletics*00111
186INFiNiTi Athletics00111
186Iowa Elite Cheer00111
186KX Athletics00111
186Legends Cheer Academy II*00111
186Louisiana Rebel All Stars00111
186Midwest Cheer Elite00111
186Midwest Xplosion00111
186Myrtle Beach Allstars*00111
186NCT All Stars*00111
186NJ Heat All Stars*00111
186Nocona Cheer Unlimited00111
186Nor Cal Elite All Stars00111
186North Florida Elite*00111
186Northern Elite*00111
186Palm Beach Lightning00111
186Premier All Stars00111
186Premier Cheer*00111
186Rain Athletics00111
186RND Elite All Stars00111
186SI Spirit All Stars00111
186Sonic Elite All Stars*00111
186Spirit of Tyler*00111
186Step Ahead All Stars*00111
186Storm Athletics*00111
186Storm Athletix*00111
186Surge Athletics00111
186The Tumble Tree Twisters00111
186Thunder Extreme*00111
186Tumble Tech All Stars00111
186Twist and Turns00111
186United All Stars*00111
186United Elite Athletics*00111
186Victory Vipers*00111
186VIP MD Vipers*00111
186West Coast Rush*00111
186World Class Athletics*00111


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