Everyone’s eyes are on Rio and the Olympics are upon us. Every four years, we get to watch elite athletes compete and live out their dreams. For anyone who was ever been an athlete, the Olympics reminds us of the jitters and excitement we experienced before competing or playing an important match.

Most all-star cheerleaders are interested in any event that requires flipping, twisting, and tumbling. So, what that really boils down to is gymnastics, trampoline, and diving. We figured you may want to know when to hop on that live stream or set the DVR for the next three weeks.

We compiled a list of every gymnastic and diving event occurring over the next three weeks in the two handy, dandy schedules below.

Also, the opening ceremonies are at 7:30pm Eastern Time on Friday, August 5th.

If you’re interested in any other events and live stream information, check out NBC Sports website here. All times are in Eastern Time (EDT) , so make sure you convert accordingly.

Rio Olympics Gymnastics Schedule

6-Aug9:30 AMMen's QualifyingBrazil, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, Mixed Groups
6-Aug1:30 PMMen's QualifyingFrance, Germany, Great Britain, United States, Mixed Groups
6-Aug5:30 PMMen's QualifyingChina, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Mixed Groups
7-Aug8:45 AMWomen's QualifyingBelgium, China, Mixed Groups
7-Aug10:30 AMWomen's QualifyingItaly, Russia, Mixed Groups
7-Aug1:30 PMWomen's QualifyingBrazil, Germany, Great Britain, Mixed Group
7-Aug4:30 PMWomen's QualifyingNetherlands, United States, Mixed Groups
7-Aug7:30 PMWomen's QualifyingCanada, France, Japan, Mixed Group
8-Aug3:00 PMMen's Team FinalAll
8-Aug5:47 PMMen's Team Victory CeremonyAll
9-Aug3:00 PMWomen's Team FinalAll
9-Aug5:00 PMWomen's Team Victory CeremonyAll
10-Aug3:00 PMMen's Individual All-Around FinalAll
10-Aug5:37 PMMen's Ind. All-Around Victory CeremonyAll
11-Aug3:00 PMWomen's WomenÕs Individual All-Around FinalAll
11-Aug5:00 PMWomen's Ind. All-Around Victory CeremonyAll
12-Aug1:03 PMTrampoline Women's QualificationAll
12-Aug2:42 PMTrampoline Women's FinalAll
12-Aug3:20 PMTrampoline Women's Victory CeremonyAll
13-Aug1:03 PMTrampoline Men's QualificationAll
13-Aug2:42 PMTrampoline Men's FinalAll
13-Aug3:20 PMTrampoline Men's Victory CeremonyAll
14-Aug1:00 PMMen's Floor Exercise FinalAll
14-Aug1:35 PMMen's Floor Exercise Victory CeremonyAll
14-Aug1:46 PMWomen's Vault FinalAll
14-Aug2:19 PMWomen's Vault Victory CeremonyAll
14-Aug2:29 PMMen's Pommel Horse FinalAll
14-Aug3:04 PMMen's Pommel Horse Victory CeremonyAll
14-Aug3:20 PMWomen's Uneven Bars FinalAll
14-Aug3:57 PMWomen's Uneven Bars Victory CeremonyAll
15-Aug1:00 PMMen's Rings FinalAll
15-Aug1:35 PMMen's Rings Victory CeremonyAll
15-Aug1:54 PMMen's Vault FinalAll
15-Aug2:27 PMMen's Vault CeremonyAll
15-Aug2:42 PMWomen's Beam FinalAll
15-Aug3:23 PMWomen's Beam Final Victory CeremonyAll
16-Aug1:00 PMMen's Parallel Bars FinalAll
16-Aug1:37 PMMen's Parallel Bars Victory CeremonyAll
16-Aug1:45 PMWomen's Floor Exercise FinalAll
16-Aug2:24 PMWomen's Floor Exercise Victory CeremonyAll
16-Aug2:30 PMMen's High Bar FinalAll
16-Aug3:11 PMMen's High Bar Final Victory CeremonyAll
19-Aug9:20 AMRhythmic Individual Qualification Ñ Rotation 1 and 2All
19-Aug1:50 PMRhythmic Individual Qualification Ñ Rotation 3 and 4All
20-Aug9:00 AMRhythmic Group Qualification Rotation 1All
20-Aug11:40 AMRhythmic Group Qualification Rotation 2All
20-Aug2:20 PMRhythmic Individual FinalAll
20-Aug4:38 PMRhythmic Individual Victory CeremonyAll
21-Aug10:00 AMRhythmic Group FinalAll
21-Aug11:37 AMRhythmic Group Victory CeremonyAll

Rio Olympics Diving Schedule

7-Aug3:00 PMWomen's Synchronized Springboard Final
7-Aug4:05 PMWomen's Synchronized Springboard Medal Ceremony
8-Aug3:00 PMMen's Synchronized Platform Final
8-Aug4:05 PMMen's Synchronized Platform Victory Ceremony
9-Aug3:00 PMWomen's Synchronized Platform Final
9-Aug4:05 PMWomen's Synchronized Platform Victory Ceremony
10-Aug3:00 PMMen's Synchronized Springboard Final
10-Aug4:05 PMMen's Sync 3m Springboard Victory Ceremony
12-Aug2:30 PMWomen's Springboard Preliminary
13-Aug3:00 PMWomen's Springboard Semifinal
14-Aug3:00 PMWomen's Springboard Final
14-Aug4:20 PMWomen's Springboard Victory Ceremony
15-Aug2:15 PMMen's Springboard Preliminary
16-Aug9:00 AMMen's Springboard Semifinal
16-Aug5:00 PMMen's Springboard Final
16-Aug6:50 PMMen's Springboard Victory Ceremony
17-Aug2:00 PMWomen's Platform Preliminary
18-Aug9:00 AMWomen's Platform Semifinal
18-Aug3:00 PMWomen's Platform Final
18-Aug4:20 PMWomen's Platform Victory Ceremony
19-Aug3:00 PMMen's Platform Preliminary
20-Aug10:00 AMMen's Platform Semifinal
20-Aug3:30 PMMen's Platform Final
20-Aug5:00 PMMen's Platform Victory Ceremony