Updated: April 18, 2019 

We started posting Cheerleading Worlds, Summit, and D2 Summit bid leaderboards on social media last year and we’re bringing it back! 

Currently, there are more than 1,100 D2 Summit bids, 1,200 D1 Summit bids, and 400 Cheerleading Worlds bids. 

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Cheerleading Worlds Bid Leaderboard 2018-2019

Cheerleading Worlds Bids 2018-2019

Cheer Extreme16
Cheer Athletics13
California All Stars11
Stingray All Stars9
Cheer Sport Sharks8
Top Gun All Stars8
Flyers Allstarz7
ACE Athletics6
Premier Athletics6
Rockstar Cheer6
Maryland Twisters5
Woodlands Elite5
World Cup5
East Celebrity Elite4
Fire & Ice4
Perfect Storm Athletics4
ACE Cheer Company3
Alberta Cheer Empire3
Brandon All Stars3
Cheer Central Suns3
CheerForce Wolfpack3
Cheers & More3
Core Athletix3
FAME All Stars3
KC Cheer3
OC All Stars3
Pirates Athletics3
Prodigy All Stars3
Spirit of Texas3
Twist & Shout3
Vancouver All Stars3
All Star One2
Bay State All Stars2
Bravo All Stars2
Buffalo Envy2
Central Jersey All Stars2
Cheer Factor2
Cheer Florida All Stars2
Cheer Omega2
Cheer St Louis2
Desert Storm Elite2
Full House All Stars2
Les Jabs2
Louisiana Cheer Force2
Midwest Cheer Elite2
New York Icons2
Pennsylvania Elite2
Platinum Athletics2
Rain Athletics2
Reign Athletics2
RND Elite2
South Jersey Storm2
Spirit Athletics2
Stars Vipers2
Step One All Stars2
Ultimate Cheer Lubbock2
USA Starz2
World Elite2
306 Elite Cheer and Tumbling1
Alaska Athletics1
All Star Revolution1
Aloha Cheer Academy1
Apex Cheer1
Big 10 Cheer1
Black Widow1
Bluegrass Athletics Code Blue1
Boss Athletics1
Broward Elite1
Bullitt Athletics1
Calgary Stars1
Cali Coast Elite1
Champion Cheer1
Charlotte Allstars1
Cheer City United1
Cheer Craze1
Cheer Eclipse1
Cheer Elite All Stars1
Cheer Express1
Cheer Force Arkansas1
Cheer Intensity1
Cheer Iowa Athletics1
Cheer Legendz1
Cheer Savannah1
Cheer Station1
Cheer Strike1
Cheer Strong1
Cheer Xpress1
Cheerletics Royalty1
CNY Storm1
Connect Cheer Northwest1
Courage Cheer & Dance1
Coyotes Wrecking Pack1
CPA Phoenix1
CTA High Flyers1
Diamond Athletic Cheer & Dance1
Dream Allstars1
Dynasty Heat All Stars 51
East Coast Xtreme1
Elite All Stars1
Elite Cheer1
Elite Heat All Stars1
Extreme All Stars1
Extreme Athletics1
Extreme Cheer1
Famous Superstars1
Faucons Cheer Elite1
Five Star1
Five Star Athletics1
Flames Cheerleading1
Florida Top Dog All Stars1
Fusion All Stars1
Galaxy Allstars1
Gem Cheer Stars1
Gem of Jewels1
Georgia Heat1
Greensboro All Stars1
Hawaii All Stars1
Hot Cheer1
Icon Cheer1
Iconic Cheer Elite1
Impakt Cheerleading1
Indiana Elite1
Indiana Ultimate1
Infiniti Athletics1
Infinity All Stars1
Island Allstars1
Island Xtreme1
Jersey All Stars1
Jersey Pride1
Kansas City Athletics1
Kingston Elite1
Knight Time Cheer1
Legacy Xtreme1
Legends Cheer Elite1
Louisiana Spirit1
Luxe Cheer1
Magic All Stars1
Maine Stars1
Maryland All Stars1
Matrix All Stars1
Matrix Cheerleading Allstars1
Maverick Cheer1
Midwest Storm Cheer1
Natural Venom1
Nebraska Cheer Center1
New Jersey Spirit Explosion1
Nor Cal Elite1
North Bay Elite1
North Central Athletics1
Ohio Valley All Stars1
One United All Stars1
Oregon Dreams Teams1
Pacific Coast Magic1
Peak Athletics1
Phoenix Elite1
Pittsburgh Pride1
Platinum Athletics1
Power All Stars1
Power Rocklin1
Powersports Cheer1
Prairie Fire Cheerleading1
Premier All Stars1
Premier Spirit Athletics1
Pride of Illinois1
Pro Athletics1
Pro Cheer1
Pro Spirit1
Punchfront Cheer1
Quest Athletics1
Rebels Elite1
River Cities All Stars1
River City All Stars1
Rock Starz All Stars1
Rocket Cheer1
Royalty Elite1
San Antonio Spirit1
Savannah Sharks1
Scorpions Elite1
SCV All Stars1
Skky All Stars1
Soco Intensity1
Spirit All Stars1
Spirit Central1
Spirit Factory1
Star Athletics1
State All Stars1
Steele Athletics1
Summit All Stars1
Superstar Athletics1
Team Illinois1
The Atlanta Jayhawks1
Thrive All Stars1
Tiger Elite1
Titan Cheer1
Top Dog1
Top Notch Cheer1
TR Cheer1
Tribe All Stars1
Tribe Cheer1
Tristate Athletics1
Tumble World1
United All Stars1
University Cheer Force1
Upper Merion All Stars1
Valley Elite1
Victory! Allstars1
VIP MD Vipers1
Virginia Royalty Athletics1
World Class All Stars1
World Class Athletics1
X Force Elite1
Xtreme Cheer1
Zero Gravity Athletics1
Zone Cheer1

Summit Bid Leaderboard 2018-2019

Summit Bids 2018-2019

Cheer Athletics51
Rockstar Cheer49
Cheer Extreme41
Top Gun All Stars37
Midwest Cheer Elite25
The Stingray All Stars24
FAME All Stars20
The California All Stars20
Cheer Central Suns19
Premier Athletics1911
Stars Vipers19
East Celebrity Elite17
Woodlands Elite16
Brandon All Stars15
Steele Athletics15
Step One All Stars14
Champion Cheer12
Macs Allstar Cheer12
New York Icons12
Nor Cal Elite All Stars12
All Star Revolution10
Arizona Element Elite10
OC All Stars10
South Bay Divas10
The Atlanta Jayhawks10
World Cup10
ACE Cheer Company9
Core Athletix9
Louisiana Cheer Force9
Maryland Twisters9
Northern Elite9
Platinum Athletics9
Star Athletics9
Twist & Shout9
Bullitt Athletics8
Cheer Factor8
CheerVille Athletics8
Connect Cheer Northwest8
Express Cheer8
FLIP! Gym8
Fusion All Stars8
KC Cheer8
The Cheer Pitt8
Vancouver All Stars8
Bay State Bridgewater7
Elite Cheer7
Pittsburgh Pride All Stars7
Planet Spirit7
Python All Stars7
Rain Athletics7
Rouge Athletics7
University Cheer Force7
Apex Cheer Teal6
Central Jersey All Stars6
Cheer Express Allstars6
Cheer Fusion Allstars6
Cheer Intensity6
Cheer Omega6
Dakota Spirit6
Diamonds All Stars6
Excite Gym and Cheer6
Fire & Ice Allstars6
Five Star Athletics6
Infinity Allstars6
New Jersey Spirit Explosion6
Power House All Stars6
SCV All Stars6
Sonic Elite6
South Jersey Storm6
Spirit of Texas6
Spotlight Studios6
All Star Legacy5
American Cheer5
Broward Elite Allstars5
Calgary Stars Gymnastics & Cheerleading5
Cheer Florida5
Clovis United All Stars5
Desert Storm Elite5
Elite All Stars5
Elite Heat All-Stars5
Five Star5
iNFiNiTi Athletics5
Iowa Elite Cheer5
Jersey All Stars5
Legacy Xtreme All Stars5
Liberty Cheer5
Louisiana Spirit5
Mississippi Spirit5
Natural Venom All Stars5
Nebraska Cheer Center5
Pacific Coast Magic5
Premier All Stars5
Prodigy All Stars5
SI Spirit5
Spirit Xtreme5
Team Illinois Cheer5
Tiger Elite5
World Elite5
Wylie Elite5
Academy of Cheer Excellence4
Bluewater Cheer Athletics4
Central Florida Athletics4
Cheer Force Wolfpack4
Cheer St Louis4
Florida Top Dog All Stars4
Golden Elite All Stars4
Indiana Ultimate4
Inspire Athletics4
Long Island Cheer4
Louisiana Rebel All Stars4
PAC Platinum Athletics4
Premier Spirit Athletics4
Pro Athletics4
Reign Athletics4
Savannah Sharks4
Spirit Xplosion4
Thrive All Stars4
Tristate Athletics4
Upper Merion All Stars4
USA Starz4
USA Wildcats4
All Star Cheer Express3
Bama All-Starz3
Bravo All Stars3
Charlotte Allstar Cheerleading3
Cheer Legendz3
Cheerletics Royalty3
Edge Flight All Stars3
Green Bay Elite All Stars3
Kansas City Athletic Cheer3
Langley Cheer & Athletics3
Laredo All American3
MCC Allstars3
Memphis Pride Allstars3
Peak Athletics3
Raglan Coast Cheer3
South Elite All-Stars3
Universal Sonics3
Victory! All Stars3
Action Athletics2
Alberta Cheer Empire2
Aloha Cheer Academy2
Beach Cheer Athletics2
BGC All Stars2
Buffalo Envy All Stars2
Celebrity Cheer2
Champion Cheerleading2
Cheer Empire2
Cheer Force Arkansas2
Cheer Galaxy2
Cheer Savannah Allstars2
Cheer Strong Inc.2
Cheer Xpress2
Cheers & More2
Crimson Heat2
Flip City All Stars2
G Force Cheer2
Greensboro All Star Cheerleading2
Hawaii All-Stars2
Intensity Cheer Extreme2
Island Elite Cheerleading2
KX Athletics2
LA All Stars2
London Heat Cheerleading2
North East Cheer All-Stars2
Onyx Cheer Force Ice2
Perfect Storm Calgary2
Pro Cheer2
Pro Spirit2
REACT Elite2
Rival Cheer Academy2
River City Allstars2
Rock Solid All Stars2
SA Academy of Cheer & Dance2
Spirit Central2
Thunder Elite All-Stars2
Top Notch Cheer2
Tribe Cheer2
Twisters Cheer Elite2
United Rock Nation All Stars2
Xtreme Cheer2
Xtreme Thunder All Stars2
Zodiac All Stars2
Absolute Cheer1
ACE Athletics1
Air Force Mavericks All-Star Cheerleading1
All Star One1
All Star Rebels1
CA Flyers1
California Pride1
Cheer Destiny Allstars1
Cheer Eclipse1
Cheer Infinity Athletics1
Cheerleading School Angeles1
Chicago Storm All-Star Elite1
CNY Storm All Stars1
Coastal Wave Elite1
Coventry Dynamite1
Crossroads Tumble and Cheer XTC1
Davontra Ford Athletics1
Diamond Athletics Cheer & Dance1
Dynasty Spirit Elite All Star1
Extreme Athletics1
Extreme Cheer Sensation1
Extreme Force All Stars1
Extreme Tumble & Cheer1
Fearless Athletics1
Fire House Gym1
GCC Nevada1
Gym of Dreams1
Hero Athletics1
Herts All Stars1
ICT Cheer Legacy1
Indiana Elite1
Intensity Athletics1
Island Xtreme1
Kids Spot1
Legacy Cheer & Dance1
Legends Cheer Elite1
Lightning Cheer1
Limelight Allstars1
Maryland All Stars1
Maryland Force All Stars1
MAX Force Athletics1
New England Tumble Force1
Oblivion All Stars1
Outlaws Cheer Posse1
PA Heat All Stars1
Pegasus Cheer Athletics1
Power Elite All Stars1
Rebels Cheerleading Athletics1
Reign Elite Cheer1
Revolutions All Stars1
Ridgecrest Xtreme All-Stars1
Rising Stars1
RND Elite All Stars1
Rock Starz All Stars1
Royal Allstars1
Superstar Athletics1
Technique Gems1
The Marvels1
Ultimate All Stars1
Ultimate Canadian Cheer1
Ultimate Dance & Cheer1
Ultimate STARZ Athletics1
United Elite1
Unity All Stars1
Utah Xtreme Cheer1
Wabash Valley1
Xtreme All Stars1
Xtreme Carolina Athletics1
Xtreme Heat All Stars1
Yokahama Bay Sports Club1
Zero Gravity Athletics1


D2 Summit Bid Leaderboard 2018-2019

D2 Summit Bids 208-2019

Diamond Athletics9
All 4 Cheer6
California Pride6
Champion All-Stars6
Dream Athletics6
Envy Cheer6
Evolution Cheer6
Iconic All Stars6
Legends Cheer Academy II6
Terre Haute Cheer University6
Texas Elite6
Thunder Extreme6
Turners All Stars6
United Elite6
All Star Patriots5
Alliance Cheer Elite5
Arizona Fusion Cheer5
Big 10 Cheer5
Bluegrass Cheercats5
Carolina Spirit Athletics5
CCA Cheer5
Cheer Nation Athletics5
Cheer Revolution5
Davis Allstar Gym Inc5
Element All Stars5
Extreme All Stars5
Gravity Cheer5
GU Shamrocks5
Hanover Elite5
Hit Force Cheer5
Hot Shots of Fort Oglethope5
Idaho Cheer5
LA Cheerz Allstarz5
Las Vegas Elements5
Northern Lights All Stars5
One Elite All Stars One5
Revolution Athletics5
Southern Athletics5
UKNight Training Center5
Airborne Elite All Stars4
Blue Storm Athletics4
Buckeye Cheer Elite4
Castle Cheer Factory4
Central Valley Athletics4
CG Athletics All Stars4
Champs Central4
Cheer Challenge All Stars4
Cheer Craze All Stars4
Cheer Factory4
Cheer Infinity Allstars4
Cheer Zone Athletics4
Chippewa Valley Spirit All Stars4
Desert Elite Mavericks4
East Coast Extreme Allstars4
East Jersey Elite4
Eastside Edge4
Empire Athletics4
Empire Elite4
Extreme Cheer & Tumble4
Extreme Spirit All Stars4
Full Out Tumble and Cheer4
Fury Athletics4
Fury Athletics of Madison4
Fusion Athletics4
Heat Athletics4
Kids Spot4
Knight Time Cheer4
Knoxville Twisters4
Las Vegas All Stars4
Legendary Athletics4
Liberty All Stars4
Lunar All Stars4
Maine Stars4
Matrix All Stars4
Modern American Cheer4
Myrtle Beach Allstars4
Northeast Ohio All Stars4
Northwest Silverstars4
Ocala Athletix4
Premier Cheer4
Pyramid Athletics4
Quest Athletics4
Rah Elite Allstars4
Rebels Elite4
Rock Solid Elite4
Rockstar Athletics4
Royalty Elite4
San Antonio Spirit4
SoCo Intensity4
South Georgia Allstars4
Southaven Wildcats4
Spirit Athletics4
Spirit Zone4
Superstar Athletics4
Texas Empire4
The Hive Cheer4
TNT Xtreme Cheer4
United All Stars4
Valley Cheer Elite4
Venom Allstars4
Victory Vipers4
World Class All Stars4
Arkansas Cheer Academy3
Beyond All Stars3
Cali Coast Elite3
California Storm3
CAO Elite3
CE All Stars3
Central Kentucky Athletics3
Cheer Explosion3
Cheer Force Elite3
Cheer Legacy Allstars3
Cheer South All Stars3
Cheer Trixx3
Cheer Tyme of GA3
Cheer UP Athletics3
Cheer Xcel3
Corpus Christi All Stars3
Dazzle U All Stars3
Diamond Elite3
Dream Team All-Stars3
Dynasty Athletics3
East Coast Premier3
East Coast Xtreme3
Elite Cheer3
Encore Elite3
Famous Superstars3
Fearless Athletics3
Fierce Cheer Elite3
Florida Triple Threat Allstars3
Freedom Athletics3
Fusion Athletics3
Fusion Elite All Stars3
Georiga All Stars3
Grand Cheer3
GU Allstars3
HCA Gems3
High Country Cheer3
Hot Topic All Stars3
Icon Cheer3
ICT Cheer Legacy3
Infinity - OH3
Intensity Elite Cheer3
Jaguar Athletics3
Koach All Stars3
LA Dream All Stars3
Legendary CYC All Stars3
Legion of Allstars3
LGC Extreme3
Luxe Cheer3
Maine Coast Athletics3
Majestic All Stars3
Midwest Storm Cheer3
Montana Storm3
NCT All Stars3
North Dakota Elite3
Omni Elite Athletix3
Oshkosh Jets3
Oxford Cheer3
PA HEAT All Stars3
Palm Beach Lightning3
Palmetto Xplosion All Star Cheer3
Pensacola All Stars3
Pittsburgh Poison All Stars3
POWER Rocklin3
Premier Cheer Athletics3
Pride of Illinois3
Queen City Storm3
Rebel Yell3
Revolution Cheer Company3
Riot Xtreme Cheer3
River Valley All-Stars3
Rock Dynasty3
Rock N Rolls3
Silicon Valley Elite3
SoCal Select All Stars3
South Bay Cheer 3603
Spirit All Stars3
Spirit Greenwich3
Summit Sports Center3
Tribe Athletics3
Triple Threat3
Twist and Turns3
USA All Stars3
Utah Xtreme Cheer3
West Coast Fame Allstars3
Westside Cougars All Stars3
World Class Athletics3
Xtreme Athletix3
Adrenaline Allstars2
Air Strike Allstars2
Allstar Panthers2
Angel City Athletics2
Arizona All Stars2
Arizona Royals2
Arkansas Cheer Unlimited2
Athletix United2
Bama Blaze Cheer2
Bayou Athletics2
C4 Longhorns2
Caliber Cheer Starz2
California Flyers2
California Spirit Elite2
Candy Elite All-Stars2
Capital Cheer Legends2
Capitol City Gymnastics and Cheer2
CDA Xtrme2
Central Coast Elite2
Champion Cheer Athletics2
Cheaha Cheer and Tumble2
Cheer Advantage All Stars2
Cheer Company of Michigan2
Cheer Empire2
Cheer Iowa Athletics2
Cheer Mississippi2
Cheer Pride All-Stars2
Cheer Time Revolution2
Cheer-riffic Techniques2
Cheer-tastics Crush All Star2
Cheers Unlimited2
Clarksville Cheer Extreme2
Colorado Lightning Athletics2
Corona Stars Cheer2
Crowned Elite Athletics2
Crush All Stars2
CRUSH Athletics Love2
CSA All Stars2
CTA Highflyers2
CYC Allstars2
Double Down All Stars2
Dreamz Elite Allstars2
Dynamic Elite Athletics2
East Tennessee Cheer2
EDGE Cheer2
Elite Energy2
Ellenwood Starzone2
Empire Cheerleading2
Envy All Stars2
EVO Athletics2
Extreme Cheer2
Flip & Twist All-Stars2
Flip Mode Athletics2
Fusion All Stars2
G-Force Athletics2
Gems Cheer Stars2
GK All Stars2
Gold Medal Gems2
Gold Rush Elite2
Gold Star2
Gymnastics of York2
Hawaiian Heat All Star Cheerleading2
Haydens All Stars2
Horizons All Stars2
I Force Cheer Royal2
Idaho Inferno2
Impact Cheer & Tumbling2
Impact Cheer Elite2
Infinite Athletics2
Integrity Elite All Stars2
Interactive Academy2
Island Allstars2
Jacksonville All Stars2
Jerzey Jewelz2
Kinetic All Star Cheer2
Legends Cheer Elite2
M.O.T. All-Stars2
McAlester Stars2
Memphis Cheer2
Midwest Elite2
Milwaukee Reign All Star Cheer2
Motor City Cheer2
Mystic Elite2
National Stars2
North Florida Elite2
North Star Allstars2
Northern Extreme Athletics2
Odessa Extreme All Stars2
Odyssey Cheer Company2
Off Main Cheer & Tumbling2
Ohio Valley All Stars2
One United All Stars2
Pacific Elite Cheer2
Palmetto Spirit Cheer & Tumble2
Penn Elite2
Pennslvania Elite Cheerleading2
Phoneix Allstars2
Pierce Athletics2
Planet Cheer2
Port City Athletics2
Power Athletics2
Power Cheer!2
POWER Clovis2
PowerCore Athletics2
Pro Scouts2
RAMS All Stars2
River Cities All Stars2
Rock Solid Academy2
Rocket Cheer2
Royal Athletics2
Royal Cheer Xtreme2
Rush Allstars2
Shore Pride All Stars2
SI Spirit2
South Central Xtreme2
Space Coast Cheer2
Spice All-Stars2
Spirit of Tyler2
Spirit Xplosion2
Starstruck All Star Cheer and Tumbling2
Starz Elite2
Step Ahead All-Stars2
Studio All-Stars2
Stuntz Academy2
T's Tumbling2
Take Flight Cheer2
Tennessee Xtreme2
Texas Lonestar Cheer Company2
Texas Wolverine All Stars2
The Cheer Connection2
Thunder Elite2
Tiffany's Cheer and Dance Studio Cheer Champions2
Titanium Force Cheer2
Top Gun Cheerleading Academy2
Top Star Training Center2
TSC All Stars2
Tumble Cheer Fuzion2
Twister Sports2
Twisters Elite2
Ultimate Allstars2
University All Stars2
Valley Royals2
Venom Elite2
Victorious Elite All Stars2
VIP MD Vipers2
Virginia Gems2
Virginia Roylaty2
Wabash Valley Rebels2
Wake Forest All Stars2
Washington Elite2
Washington Extreme2
World of Cheer2
Xtreme Athletics2
9-1-1 Athletics1
a.K Starz Elite1
Abilene Cheer Force1
Advanced Cheer Crew1
Aerial Elite1
All Star Rebels1
Allisons Cheernastics1
Allstar Performance1
Allstar Rebels1
American Cheer Elite1
Athletic Perfection1
Atlanta Elite1
Bannons Cheer Force1
Baton Rouge Cheer Stars1
Beach Elite Athletics1
Blaze Cheer & Tumble1
Blizz All Stars1
Boca Raton Hurricane All Stars1
BTA All Stars1
Burlington All Stars1
Carolina All Stars Wildcats1
Carolina Flipz1
Central Illinois Athletics1
Central Mass Athletics1
Central Washington1
Champion Cheernastics1
Champion Elite Legacy1
Chaos Elite1
Cheer Central Elite1
Cheer Coast Tropics1
Cheer Legend Champions1
Cheer Mania All Stars1
Cheer Obsession Athletics1
Cheer Spirit Colorado1
Cheer Station1
Cheer Strike Allstars1
Cheer Texas1
Cheer Town USA1
Cheeriffic Allstars1
Cheers Elite Onyx1
Cheers Passion1
Chesapeake Elite Sports LLC1
Competitive Edge Training Academy1
Connect Cheer Northwest1
Dazzler Cheer Silver1
DCX All Stars1
Diamonds Infinity Athletics1
Double Down Athletics1
Dream Elite Allstars1
Dynamic Extreme Athletics1
East Coast Flames Allstars1
East Mississippi Cheerleading1
Element Elite Tumbling & Cheer1
Elevation Cheer Company1
Elite All Stars of Maine1
Elite Cheer and Tumble1
Elite Cheer Force1
Elite Force Cheer1
Empire Dance & Cheer1
Epic All Stars Dare1
Epic Athletics1
Exclusive Athletics1
Extreme Tumble & Cheer1
Fierce All Stars1
First Coast Fusion1
Flipz Allstars Flipz1
Forever Xclusive1
Full Force1
G Force Cheer1
GA Xtreme Allstars1
Galaxy Allstars1
Glitz Cheer Company1
Gold Coast Cheer1
Grand Valley All Stars1
Hagerstown Heat All Stars1
Hero Athletics1
IDOL Athletes of Miami1
Illinois Elite Athletics1
IN10sity Elite Allstars1
Iowa X-Plosion Cheer & Tumbling1
Jackson Cheer Company Elite1
JAM Athletics1
Jay Rocks Gym Rock City1
Just Cheer All Stars1
K & K Cheer Empire1
KCK Wildfire1
Kidsport Cheer1
Kinetic Gymnastics1
Lions Cheer Company1
Louisiana Eite Allstars1
Louisiana Powerhouse1
Magic Cheerleading1
Manning All-Star Cheer1
Mat Pack Allstars1
Maverick Cheer1
MCA Allstars1
Mega Cheer1
Minnesota Xtreme1
Miss Amy's Extreme1
Mississippi Spirit1
More Than Cheer1
Mystiq Jewels Allstars1
New Orleans Cheer Outlaws1
New York All Stars1
Next Level All Stars1
Nfinite All Stars1
North Coast All Stars1
North Elite Cheer Athletics1
Northern Elite All Star1
Nu Matics Athletics1
Nuclear Athletics1
Odyssey Cheer & Tumble1
Ohio Cheer Explosion1
Oklahoma Xtreme Cheer1
Omega All Stars1
Omni Cheer Athletix1
Oregon Dream Teams1
PA Starz1
Palmetto Cheer Elite1
Peak Performance All-Star Cheer and Dance1
Perfect 10 Heat1
Platinum All Stars1
Platinum Athletics1
POP Cheer Factory1
Power Cheer & Tumble1
Power Force Athletics1
Power House Elite Wildcats1
Power in Motion1
Powers Elite1
Premier Tumble and Cheer1
Pro Sport1
PunchFront Cheer1
Raevin Dance Factory RDF Allstars1
Rage All Stars1
Renegades Cheerleading Association1
Revolutions All Stars1
Richmond Twisters1
Rigert Elite1
Rise Up Athletics1
Rock Solid Athletics1
Rocket Cheer1
Rogue Athletics1
Royal Prime All Stars1
San Diego Elite1
San Diego Show All Stars1
Seaga All Stars1
South Austin Elite Cheer1
South Beauregard Elite1
South Central Athletics1
South Coast Storm Elite1
Southern Elite All Stars1
Spirit Elite Allstars1
Spirit Factory1
Stardom Athletics1
Stars Athletics1
Stealth Athletix1
Stevie's Elite Athletics1
Storm All Stars1
Storm Athletix1
Suwannee Spirit1
Synergy Athletics All-Stars1
Synergy Gymnastics1
T3 Storm1
TAG Athletics1
Taylor Made Allstars1
Texas Allstar Cheer and Dance1
Texas Cheer Obsession1
Texas Royals Cheer1
Texas Storm Athletics1
The Rock Athletics1
The Xtreme Girls1
Tigar Gymnastics & Cheer1
Titan Athletic All Stars1
Titan Elite All Stars1
TOS All-Stars1
Tri-Cities Tumble & Cheer1
Triple Crown Elite1
True Allstars1
TSA All-Stars1
Tsunami Allstars1
Twisters Athletics1
Ultimate All Stars1
Ultimate Cheer Lubbock1
United Dream All Stars1
United Rock Nation All Stars1
Universal Athletics Universal Kentucky1
University Cheer Air Force Inc1
University of Gymnastics1
US Cheer Rebels Reckless1
Valley All-Stars1
Valley Cheer All Stars1
Valley Elite All Stars1
Vault Elite1
Vegas Cheer Company1
Velocity Xtreme Cheer1
Venom Elite All Stars1
VIP Athletics1
Waxhaw Flyers All Stars1
West Coast Rush1
Wild All Stars1
Wildcats Cheer Pride1
Winnersville Elite1
Xtreme Allstars1
Xtreme Cheer1
Xtreme Pulse Cheer1
Zodiacs Extreme All Stars1