Tuesday, December 6, 2016:

Good news cheerleaders, your dreams of becoming an Olympic athlete without having to change sports might just become a reality.

Cheerleading just took a huge first step to becoming an Olympic Sport, according to Reuters. Cheerleading, alongside the martial art of Muaythai, received what is called provisional recognition as Olympic sports by the International Olympic Committee.

So, what does that mean exactly? Both cheerleading and Muaythai will have access to IOC funding and take part in IOC sponsored programs, like drug testing and athletic development.

The sports will enter a three-year provisional recognition period, and then they may apply to become part of the Olympic games thereafter.

“The international cheer union (ICU) has over 100 national federations and nearly 4.5 million registered athletes,” said IOC Sports Director Kit McConnell “It is a sport with growing popularity, a strong youth focus in schools and universities and we noted that.”

The total process to become an Olympic sport takes 7 years. But, becoming an Olympic sport is a drawn-out process with no guarantees. But by the 7 year estimation, Cheerleading could be a part of the 2024 Olympic Games. EXCITING.

Featured Image: Shawn Carpenter