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The Cheerleading Worlds 2020 Bid Leaderboard

Number of BidsProgram
16Cheer Athletics
16Cheer Extreme
13The California All Stars
9The Stingray All Stars
9Top Gun All Stars
8ACE Athletics
8Rockstar Cheer
6Cheer Sport
6East Celebrity Elite
6World Cup All Stars
5GymTyme Illinois
5Stars Vipers
4FAME All Stars
4Fire and Ice All Stars
4Flyers All Starz
4Woodlands Elite
3Central Jersey All Stars
3Cheer Central Suns
3Maryland Twisters
3Midwest Cheer Elite
3OC All Stars
3Platinum Athletics
3Premier Athletics
3Prodigy All Stars
3Spirit of Texas
3Twist and Shout
3USA Starz
3Black Widow Cheer Gym
2ACE Cheer Company
2All Star One
2Brandon All Stars
2Champion Cheer
2Cheer Craze All Stars
2Cheer Florida All Stars
2Cheer Omega
2Cheer Savannah
2Cheer St. Louis
2CheerForce Wolfpack
2Cheers & More
2CheerVille Athletics
2Core Athletix
2Diamonds All Stars
2Famous Superstars
2Five Star Athletics
2Infinity Allstars
2KC Cheer
2Louisiana Cheer Force
2New Jersey Spirit Explosion
2Phoenix Elite
2Pirates Athletics
2Rebels Cheerleading Athletics
2Reign Athletics
2RND Elite
2Steele Athletics
2Step One All Stars
2TR Cheer
2Tribe Cheer
2Upper Merion All Stars
2Xtreme Cheer
1Aerials Cheer Elite
1Alaska Athletics
1Apex Cheer
1Atlantic Coast Cheer
1Bay State All Stars
1Big 10 Cheer
1Bluegrass Athletics
1Boss Athletics
1Bullitt Athletics
1Central Cheer All Stars
1Champion Cheerleading
1Cheer Eclipse
1Cheer Express
1Cheer Factor
1Cheer Force Arkansas
1Cheer Legendz
1Cheer Strike
1Cheer Xpress
1Cheerletics Royalty
1CNY Storm All Stars
1Connect Cheer Northwest
1CTA Highflyers
1Davis Allstar Gym Inc
1Elite Cheer
1Elite Cheer Company
1Elite Cheer Michigan
1Elite Heat All Stars
1Empire Athletics
1Express Cheer
1Extreme All Stars
1Extreme Cheer
1Five Star
1Flames All Stars
1Flight Cheer
1Flip City All Stars
1Florida Top Dog All Stars
1Full Force Cheer
1Fusion All Stars
1Georgia Heat Black Ice
1Greensboro All Star Cheerleading
1Hanover Elite
1Hot Cheer
1Icon Cheer
1Iconic All Stars
1ICT Cheer Legacy
1Indiana Elite
1Indiana Ultimate
1iNFiNiTi Athletics
1Intensity Athletics
1Knight Time Cheer
1Langley Cheer
1Legacy Xtreme
1Legends Cheer Elite
1Long Island Cheer
1Lunar Viper All Stars
1Luxe Cheer
1Magic All Stars
1Maine Stars
1Memphis Pride
1New York Icons
1Nor Cal Elite
1Ohio Cheer Explosion
1Oregon Dream Teams
1Panther Cheer Athletics
1Pennsylvania Elite Cheerleading
1Perfect Storm Athletics
1Pittsburgh Pride
1Planet Spirit
1Power Athletics Maryland
1Powerhouse All Stars
1Premier Spirit Athletics
1Punch Front Cheer
1Quest Athletics
1Raglan Coast Cheer
1RAH Elite Allstars
1Rain Athletics
1Revolution Athletics
1Riot Cheer Recon
1River City Allstars
1Rock Starz All Stars
1Rocket Cheer
1San Antonio Spirit
1Savannah Sharks
1SCV All Stars
1South Elite
1South Jersey Storm
1Sparks Cheerleading
1Star Athletics
1State All Stars
1Superstar Athletics
1Supreme Athletics
1TexStar Athletics
1Tribe Athletics
1Tristate Athletics
1Tumble Queens
1Ultimate Cheer Lubbock
1United Elite
1University Cheer Force
1USA Wildcats
1Utah Xtreme
1Vancouver All Stars
1Virginia Royalty Athletics
1Warman Ultimate Cheerleading
1Wildcats Cheer Pride
1World Class All Stars
1World Class Athletics PCB
1World Elite
1Zone Cheer All-Stars