To qualify for the Cheerleading Worlds 2021, teams must win an at-large or full paid bid at one of the 42 qualifying events. The Cheerleading Worlds bid events take place across the United States from December 2020 to March 2021.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, USASF and IASF will offer bids at each of these events differently. Normally, each event offers a pre-determined number of bids. However, this season, each event will offer a number of bids dependent upon how many total teams are registered to compete.

Varsity’s All Star Cheerleading Worlds Bid Scale 2020-2021

Registered TeamsPaid BidsAt-Large BidsGlobal/NT BidsTotal Bids
Up to 125 teams1315
Up to 250 teams2619
Up to 375 teams39113
Up to 500 teams412117
Up to 625 teams515121
Up to 750 teams618125
751+ Teams721129

The Cheerleading Worlds 2020-2021 Bid Events

DateEvent NameLocationBids
12/4-6/20WSF All Star Cheer & Dance Championship 2020-2021VirtualTBD
CancelledSpirit Celebration Christmas Championship 2020-2021Dallas, TXTBD
12/11-13/20Nation's Choice Holiday Classic 2020-2021Wisconsin Dells, WITBD
12/12-13/20Battle Under the Big Top 2020-2021Atlanta, GATBD
12/19/20America's Best National Championship 2020-2021VirtualTBD
12/19-20/20Encore Championships 2020-2021Houston, TXTBD
1/9-10/20Red Fox Championship 2020-2021Huntsville, ALTBD
CancelledThe American GrandLas Vegas, NVTBD
1/16-17/21Spirit of Hope Nationals 2020-2021Atlanta, GATBD
1/16-17/21JAMfest Super Nationals 2020-2021Indianapolis, INTBD
1/23/21GSSA Championships 2020-2021VirtualTBD
1/24/21Battle at the Boardwalk 2020-2021VirtualTBD
1/29-30/21CSG Super Nationals 2020-2021Wisconsin Dells, WITBD
1/30/21Athletic Championships 2020-2021VirtualTBD
1/30-31/21ACA Nationals 2020-2021Ft Worth, TXTBD
1/31/21ATC International Championships 2020-2021VirtualTBD
2/6-7/21The All Out Nationals 2020-2021Kissimmee, FLTBD
2/6-7/21Cheer America National Championship 2020-2021Houston, TXTBD
2/6-7/21American Spirit Championships Super Nationals 2020-2021Tulsa, OKTBD
2/7/21Mardi Gras Extravaganza 2020-2021VirtualTBD
2/12-14/21CHEERSPORT Nationals 2020-2021Atlanta, GATBD
2/13-14/21Cheer and Dance Extreme Mid Atlantic Open Championship 2020-2021Richmond, VATBD
CancelledJAMZ All Star NationalsLas Vegas, NVTBD
2/20/21Coastal at the Capitol DI & DII National Championship 2020-2021VirtualTBD
2/27-28/21COA Midwest National Championship 2020-2021Indianapolis, INTBD
3/6-7/21NCA All Star Nationals 2021VirtualTBD
3/6-7/21GMCE Royal RumbleSuper Nationals 2020-2021Columbus, OHTBD
3/6-7/21GLCC – The Showdown Grand Nationals 2020-2021Indianapolis, INTBD
3/6-7/21WSA Grand Nationals 2020-2021Mobile, ALTBD
3/6-7/21Aloha Spirit Championships 2020-2021Phoenix, AZTBD
3/6-7/21Cheer Tech Spirit Nationals 2020-2021VirtualTBD
3/7/21Spirit Sports Duel in the Desert 2020-2021VirtualTBD
3/12-14/21Spirit Festival Nationals 2020-2021VirtualTBD
3/13-14/21USA All Star Championships 2020-2021VirtualTBD
3/20-21/21ASCS Tournament of Champions 2020-2021St. Charles, MOTBD
3/21/21Beast of the East 2020-2021VirtualTBD
3/20-21/21Cheer Ltd Nationals at CANAM 2020-2021Myrtle Beach, SCTBD
3/21/21PacWest Nationals 2020-2021VirtualTBD
3/27-28/21Reach The Beach Nationals 2020-2021Ocean City, MDTBD
3/27-28/21ACP Midwest National Championship 2020-2021Columbus, OHTBD
3/27-28/21One Up National Championship 2020-2021Atlanta, GATBD
4/3/21Mid Atlantic Nationals 2020-2021Wildwood, NJTBD
4/9-10/21Hard Rockin’ Nationals 2020-2021Erie, PATBD
4/9-10/21Deep South Spirit Beach Nationals 2020-2021Orange Beach, ALTBD
4/17-18/21UCA International All Star Championships 2020-2021Orlando, FLTBD