CHEERSPORT Nationals is one of the largest cheerleading competitions in the world. Every year, teams from every corner of the United States (and World!) gather in Atlanta, Georgia for the chance to win a National Championship title. This year’s event took place February 12-14, 2016.

Fun fact: this is also one of Atlanta’s largest conventions of the year due to the influx of over 33,000 people.

CHEERSPORT Nationals awarded 36 bids to the 2016 USASF Cheerleading Worlds. This means they offer more opportunities for teams to attend Worlds than any other competition.

CHEERSPORT has been a pinnacle in the cheerleading season for many years. It remains one of the most important competitions of the season as few other events offer the same level of competition. Congratulations to all those teams out there sporting fancy new CHEERSPORT National Champion jackets! 

Small Senior Results

Small Senior Coed Results

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Worlds Results Winners

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