CHEERSPORT Nationals took place in Atlanta, Georgia February 12-14, 2016. CHEERSPORT remains a pinnacle of the All Star Cheerleading season as it is one of largest nationals and distributors of Worlds Bids.

18 teams competed in the Senior Coed Restricted 5 division and they were split into two groups. Congratulations to Rockstar Cheer Chili Peppers and Prodigy All Stars Twilight on your National Championships!

The results for Division A are below followed by Division B.

Division A

1. Rockstar Cheer Chili Peppers

2. Georgia All Stars

3. Gym Tyme All Stars Onyx

4. East Celebrity Elite CT Entourage

5. Memphis Elite Blue Diamonds

6. Broward Elite Allstars Prowelrz

7. CE Allstars Bullets

8. Pacific Coast Magic Arizona Radiance

9. Crimson Heat All Stars Crossfire

Division B

1. Prodigy All Stars Twilight

2. ACE Cheer Company Seminoles

3. Memphis Pride Allstars Inferno

4. Charlotte All Stars Storm

5. Brandon All Stars East Senior Midnight

6. East Celebrity Elite Central Hurricanes

7. Stingray All Stars Black Diamond

8. ICE Black Ice

9. Liberty Cheer Legends

Featured Image: Varsity