CHEERSPORT Nationals took place in Atlanta, Georgia February 12-14, 2016. CHEERSPORT remains a pinnacle of the All Star Cheerleading season as it is one of largest nationals and distributors of Worlds Bids.

The Small Senior 5 division was separated into two groups because 20 teams competed. Below you will find the results from Division A followed by Division B. Congratulations to Twisters and Stingray Allstars on taking home the W.

Division A

1. Twisters All Stars Twisters Gold

2. Cheer Express Allstars

3. Cheer Savannah Allstars Lady Lace

4. Rebelz Cheer Relentless

5. Georgia Heat Inferno

6. River City Allstars Lady Sizzle

7. Cheer Tyme Love

8. Heat Athletics Firestorm

9. Gems Cheer Stars Lady Ice

10. Crown Athletics Golden Girls

Division B

1. The Stingray Allstars Apple

2. ICE Illinois Lady Lightning

3. Crimson Heat All Stars 5Alarm

4. East Celebrity Elite – CT Fame

5. Five Star Superstars

6. Legacy Extreme All Stars Diamondbacks (Tie)

6. World Cup Blackout (Tie)

8. ACE Cheer Company Hat Chiefs

9. Midwest Cheer Elite – FL Solar Elite