CHEERSPORT Nationals took place in Atlanta, Georgia February 12-14, 2016. CHEERSPORT remains a pinnacle of the All Star Cheerleading season as it is one of largest nationals and distributors of Worlds Bids.

Eleven teams competed in the Small Senior Restricted 5 division. Congratulations to Vizion Illuzion, may your jackets keep you warm.

1. Vizion Illuzion

2. Northern Elite Desire

3. Cheer Extreme Legacy

4. Team Universe Cheer Galatic

5. Stingray Allstars Sugar

6. Cheer St. Louis Guardian Angels

7. Spirit Xtreme Valor

8. Elite Heat All-Stars Spice Girls

9. Atlanta Jayhawks Platinum

10. Cheer Savannah Allstars Velvet

11. Action Athletics Great White Sharks