The Cheerleading Worlds 2022 marked the return to normalcy. The pandemic forced USASF and IASF to cancel The Cheerleading Worlds 2020, and the in-person Cheerleading Worlds 2021 was modified for small crowds and no international presence. IASF-division teams had the opportunity to compete at the IASF Virtual Cheerealding Worlds in October 2021. The Cheerleading Worlds 2022 brought the world back to a single stage, and it was one for the books.

CheerTheory’s annual gym ranking includes all medalists from The Cheerleading Worlds 2022 and the IASF Virtual Cheerleading Worlds 2021. Twenty-nine divisions competed at The Cheerleading Worlds 2022 and fifteen at the IASF Virtual Cheerleading Worlds. In total, we added 124 medalists to our ranking.

To calculate CheerTheory’s annual weighted ranking, we award five points for first place, three points for second place, and one for third place. Then, we reverse rank each program, beginning with the highest point ranking. See which teams and programs have won the most Cheerleading Worlds titles in the table below.

Find a list of each team that has won a Cheerleading Worlds globe since 2004 here.

The Cheerleading Worlds Trials titles are NOT included in this ranking. The Dance Worlds titles are NOT included in this ranking.

Programs Who Won Their First Cheerleading Worlds Medal:

  • All Star Cheerleaders New Zealand
  • Bigair Cheer Elite
  • Black Widow Cheer Gym
  • Cheer Force Wolfpack
  • Cheer St Louis
  • Connect Cheer Northwest
  • East Coast Allstars
  • East Midlands Cheerleading Academy
  • Elite Cheer Michigan
  • Famous Superstars
  • Flipping Out Tumbling
  • Hero All Stars
  • Inspire Athletics
  • Melbourne Cheer Academy
  • New Jersey Spirit Explosion
  • Oxygen All Stars
  • Paris Cheer
  • Perfect Storm Athletics
  • Raglan Coast Cheer
  • Rain Athletics
  • Rebels Cheerleading Athletics
  • RND Elite All Stars
  • SC Cheer (PCM Irvine under a new name)
  • Sparks Cheerleading
  • Twister All Star
  • United Cheer Berlin
  • Unity Allstars
  • X3 Cheer & Gymnastics Academy
  • Xtreme Cheer
  • Zodiac Allstars

Programs Who Won Their First Gold World Championship Title:

  • ACE Athletics
  • Bigair Cheer Elite
  • CheerVille Athletics
  • Famous Superstars
  • Hero All Stars
  • Inspire Athletics
  • Louisiana Cheer Force
  • Macs Allstar Cheer
  • Melbourne Cheer Academy
  • New Jersey Spirit Explosion
  • Outlaws Allstars
  • Rebels Cheerleading Athletics
  • SC Cheer (PCM Irvine under a new name)
  • Southern Cross Cheer
  • Unity Allstars
  • Vancouver All Stars

Other Worlds Firsts:

  • Utah’s first Gold medal
  • Tenneesse’s first Gold medal
  • Louisiana’s first Gold medal
  • West Virginia’s first Gold medal
  • Missouri’s first medal

CheerTheory’s 2022 Weighted Gym Ranking Based on Cheerleading Worlds Titles

2022 RankGym NameGoldSilverBronzeTotalWeighted2021 Rank
1Cheer Athletics292018672231
2California All Stars212512581922
3GymTyme Allstars2546351433
4Top Gun All Stars181210401364
5Cheer Extreme Allstars121719481306
6Stingray All Stars161113401265
7Flyers Allstarz128626909
8Spirit of Texas815427897
9World Cup All Stars86519638
10Cheer Sport Sharks684185813
11Brandon All Stars654154910
12Twist & Shout476174711
13Maryland Twisters535133912
15Woodlands Elite273123414
16Rockstar Cheer256133116
17East Celebrity Elite33282617
18ICE Allstars31592318
19Vancouver Allstars22482037
20Central Jersey All Stars30471927
20Prodigy All Stars22371920
22Georgia Allstars22151718
24Southern Cross Cheerleading Australia21251548
25Outlaws Allstars21031357
25Stars Vipers04151322
27Cheer Central Suns20131122
28Bangkok University20021022
28FAME Allstars11241022
28Miami Elite20021022
28SC Cheer200210New
32ACE Athletics1113975
32Ace Cheer Company1113927
32CheerVille Athletics1113948
32Louisiana Cheer Force1113948
37Pacific Coast Magic1034829
37South Elite Allstars1102829
39Kentucky Elite1023731
39OC All Stars0213748
39Pirates Athletics0213732
39Star Athletics0213748
43Cheer Express1012637
43Diamonds All Stars0202657
43Mac's All Star Cheer1012675
43Stealth All Stars1012632
43Tribe Cheer0202657
43Unity Allstars10126New
43University Cheer1012632
43University Cheer Force1012632
52Bigair Cheer Elite10015New
52Charlotte Allstars0123537
52Encore Cheer Company1001537
52Famous Superstars10015New
52Flip Factory1001537
52Green Bay Elite0123537
52Hero All Stars10015New
52Indiana Ultimate1001537
52Infinity Allstars1001537
52Inspire Athletics10015New
52Melbourne Cheer Academy10015New
52New Jersey Spirit Explosion10015New
52PACE Phoneix Allstarz1001537
52Rebels Cheerleading Athletics10015New
52Rising Star / Team UK0123572
52South Jersey Storm0123537
68Elite Cheer0112475
68Infinity Titans0112448
68KC Cheer0112475
68Pro Spirit0112448
68Texas Lonestar Cheer Company0112448
74Austin Cheer Factory0101357
74BCA Club Deportivo0101357
74Champion Cheer0101357
74Cheer Force Wolfpack01013New
74East Midlands Cheerleading Academy01013New
74Flipping Out Tumbling01013New
74Maine Stars0101357
74Middle School of GuanXi University0101357
74No 26 Middle School of Nanning China0101357
74Oxygen All Stars01013New
74PACE Empire0101357
74Paris Cheer01013New
74Platinum Elite All Star0101357
74Raglan Coast Cheer01013New
74RND Elite All Stars01013New
74Storm Cheer0101357
74The Atlanta Jayhawks0101357
74The Cheer Zone0101357
74Tigres UNAL Mexico0101357
74Twister All Star01013New
74X3 Cheer & Gymnastics Academy01013New
74Zodiac Allstars01013New
96American Cheer0022272
96Coventry Dynamite0022275
96Gothenburg Cheer One0022272
99All Star Cheerleaders New Zealand00111New
99All Star One0011175
99Arizona Element Elite0011175
99Basics Superstars0011175
99Black Widow Cheer Gym00111New
99Cheer St Louis00111New
99Connect Cheer Northwest00111New
99Desert Storm0011175
99East Coast Allstars00111New
99Elite Cheer Michigan00111New
99Extreme Cheer and Dance0011175
99Fire All Stars0011175
99Gold Star Galaxy Scotland0011175
99Guangzhou Sports University0011175
99Jaguars All Stars0011175
99JPAC Radiance0011175
99Memphis Elite0011175
99Oklahoma Twisters0011175
99Perfect Storm Athletics00111New
99Pro Cheer Inc0011175
99Rain Athletics00111New
99SCV All Stars0011175
99Sparks Cheerleading00111New
99Team Puerto Rico0011175
99Uknight training center0011175
99Ultimate Athletics0011175
99Ultimate Cheer Lubbock0011175
99United Cheer Berlin00111New
99Upper Merion All Stars0011175
99USA Starz0011175
99West Valley Thunder0011175
99Xtreme Cheer00111New