The Cheerleading Worlds 2024 is now complete, and there was a whole lot of great cheerleading on display. More than 500 teams competed in 31 divisions at the 2024 events. Ninety-six medals were awarded, including 31 gold, 33 silver, and 32 bronze. Four programs won their first World Champion title, eight teams won their first medal, and 12 teams maintained their winning streak. You can find the complete results, placements, and scores from The Cheerleading Worlds 2024 here.

CheerTheory’s annual gym ranking includes all medalists from The Cheerleading Worlds 2004 to 2024, including the IASF Virtual World Championship 2021. To calculate CheerTheory’s annual weighted ranking, we award five points for first place, three for second place, and one for third place. Then, we reverse rank each program, beginning with the highest point ranking. See which teams and programs have won the most Cheerleading Worlds titles and globes in the table below. 

Find a list of each team that has won a Cheerleading Worlds globe since 2004 here.

The Cheerleading Worlds Trials titles and the Dance Worlds titles are NOT included in this ranking.

Programs Who Won Their First World Champion Title

  • All Star Cheerleaders New Zealand
  • Cheer Force Wolfpack
  • Extreme All Stars
  • Viqueens Cheerleaders

Programs Who Won Their First Cheerleading Worlds Medal

  • Gymfinity Sports Academy
  • Millennium All Stars
  • Pittsburgh Pride All Stars
  • Platinum Athletics
  • Prairie Fire Cheerleading
  • Pure Allstars
  • Rival Athletics
  • TNT All Stars Cheerleading

Teams Who Maintained Their Winning Streak

  • Top Gun Double O – six consecutive wins
  • Flyers All Starz Karma – six consecutive wins
  • Flyers All Starz Notorious – five consecutive wins
  • Top Gun TGLC – four consecutive wins
  • South Coast Cheer Fearless – four consecutive wins
  • Top Gun Revelation – three consecutive wins
  • Unity Allstars Black – three consecutive wins
  • Rain Athletics Aqua – two consecutive wins
  • GymTyme Illinois Fever – two consecutive wins
  • University Cheer Force Firestorm – two consecutive wins
  • Cheer Extreme Lady Lux – two consecutive wins
  • Cheer Sport Sharks Smallfin Sharks – two consecutive wins

Teams Who Returned to the Top Spot

  • Cheer Athletics Swooshcats won for the first time since 2017
  • Cheer Athletics Panthers won for the first time since 2018
  • Cheer Express Miss Silver won for the first time since 2018
  • The California All Stars Rangers won for the first time since 2019
  • Cheer Extreme Code Black won for the first time since 2019
  • Brandon All Stars Senior Black  won for the first time since 2021
  • Cheer Extreme SSX won for the first time since 2021
  • The California All Stars Ghost Recon won for the first since since 2021
  • Top Gun Lady Jags won for the first time since 2022

Other Worlds Firsts

  • New Zealand’s first World Champion title
  • Norway’s first World Champion title

CheerTheory’s 2024 Weighted Gym Ranking Based on Cheerleading Worlds Titles

2024 RankGym NameGoldSilverBronzeTotalWeighted2023 Rank
1Cheer Athletics322619772571
2California All Stars243413712352
3Top Gun All Stars281513561983
4Cheer Extreme Allstars182319601784
5GymTyme Allstars2859421645
6Stingray All Stars171318481426
7Flyers Allstarz17108351237
8Spirit of Texas915529958
9Cheer Sport Sharks1011526889
10World Cup All Stars967227010
11Brandon All Stars765185812
12Twist & Shout577195311
13Maryland Twisters636154513
14Woodlands Elite286164014
16ICE Allstars437143617
17East Celebrity Elite435123416
18Central Jersey All Stars434113319
18Unity Allstars52293328
20Rockstar Cheer256133117
21ACE Athletics325102624
21Vancouver Allstars244102621
23Prodigy All Stars32492520
25South Coast Cheer40042028
26Southern Cross Cheerleading Australia22261822
27Stars Vipers05271724
27Georgia Allstars22151723
29Outlaws Allstars22041624
29University Cheer Force30141630
31Cheer Express21141435
32Mac's All Star Cheer12251335
33Cheer Central Suns20131130
33Rain Athletics20131152
35FAME Allstars11241032
35Louisiana Cheer Force11241035
35Tribe Cheer03141046
35Bangkok University20021032
35Miami Elite20021032
40Ace Cheer Company1113935
40CheerVille Athletics1113935
40KC Cheer1113935
44Pacific Coast Magic1034842
44Rising Stars / Team UK0224842
44Cheer Force Wolfpack1102880
44Extreme All Stars1102880
44Famous Superstars1102842
44South Elite Allstars1102842
50Coventry Dynamite0145756
50All Star Cheerleaders New Zealand10237103
50Diamonds All Stars0213746
50Elite Cheer0213773
50Kentucky Elite1023746
50OC All Stars0213746
50Pirates Athletics0213746
50Raglan Coast Cheer0213773
50Star Athletics0213746
50TR Cheer02137108
60A-List Athletics1012656
60Champion Cheer0202680
60Stealth All Stars1012652
60University Cheer1012652
65Charlotte Allstars0123556
65Green Bay Elite0123556
65South Jersey Storm0123556
65Bigair Cheer Elite1001556
65Encore Cheer Company1001556
65Flip Factory1001556
65Hero All Stars1001556
65Indiana Ultimate1001556
65Infinity Allstars1001556
65Inspire Athletics1001556
65Melbourne Cheer Academy1001556
65New Jersey Spirit Explosion1001556
65PACE Phoneix Allstarz1001556
65Rebels Cheerleading Athletics1001556
80Infinity Titans0112473
80Maine Stars0112480
80Perfect Storm Athletics0112473
80Pro Spirit0112473
80Texas Lonestar Cheer Company0112473
86Gothenburg Cheer One00333103
86Austin Cheer Factory0101380
86BCA Club Deportivo0101380
86East Midlands Cheerleading Academy0101380
86Evolution of Dance0101380
86Flipping Out Tumbling0101380
86Middle School of GuanXi University0101380
86Millennium All Stars01013New
86No 26 Middle School of Nanning China0101380
86Oxygen All Stars0101380
86PACE Empire0101380
86Paris Cheer0101380
86Platinum Elite All Star0101380
86Pure Allstars01013New
86Rival Athletics01013New
86RND Elite All Stars0101380
86Storm Cheer0101380
86The Atlanta Jayhawks0101380
86The Cheer Zone0101380
86Tigres UNAL Mexico0101380
86Twister All Star0101380
86X3 Cheer & Gymnastics Academy0101380
86Zodiac Allstars0101380
109American Cheer00222103
109Cheer St Louis00222103
109Xtreme Cheer00222108
113All Star One00111108
113Arizona Element Elite00111108
113Basics Superstars00111108
113Black Widow Cheer Gym00111108
113Cheer Pride All Stars00111108
113Connect Cheer Northwest00111108
113Crimson Heat00111108
113Davis Allstar Gym Inc00111108
113Desert Storm00111108
113East Coast Allstars00111108
113Elite Cheer Michigan00111108
113Extreme Cheer and Dance00111108
113Fire All Stars00111108
113Gold Star Galaxy Scotland00111108
113Guangzhou Sports University00111108
113Gymfinity Sports Academy00111New
113Jaguars All Stars00111108
113JPAC Radiance00111108
113Kingston Elite All Star00111108
113Memphis Elite00111108
113Oklahoma Twisters00111108
113Pennsylvania Elite Cheerleading00111108
113Pittsburgh Pride All Stars00111New
113Platinum Athletics00111New
113Prairie Fire Cheerleading00111New
113Pro Cheer Inc00111108
113SC Bayer00111108
113SCV All Stars00111108
113Sparks Cheerleading00111108
113Team Puerto Rico00111108
113TNT All Stars Cheerleading00111New
113Uknight training center00111108
113Ultimate Athletics00111108
113Ultimate Cheer Lubbock00111108
113United Cheer Berlin00111108
113Upper Merion All Stars00111108
113USA Starz00111108
113West Valley Thunder00111108

2024 Weighted Medal Count 2