Finding important competition results should be simple, fast, and easy. Below you’ll find competition results for the most popular 2015-2016 season events. From American Grand Las Vegas to CHEERSPORT to NCA Dallas to Worlds, Summit, and D2 Summit, you’ll find everything you’re looking for.

Cheerleading Competition Results 2015-2016

12/11-12/15Showdown OrlandoResults
12/12-13/15American Grand Las VegasResults
12/12-13/15Battle Under the Big TopResults
12/12-13/15WSF 2015Results
12/19-20/15GSSA 2015Results
12/19-20/15Americheer 2015Results
1/9-10/16Redfox NationalsResults
1/9-10/16Cheer and Dance ExtremeResults
1/15/16The MajorsResults
1/16-17/16JAMfest Super NationalsResults
1/16-17/16Spirit of Hope NationalsResults
1/17-18/16ACA All Star ChampionshipResults
1/21-22/16Mardi Gras NationalsResults
1/23-24/16Athletic Championship ProvidenceResults
1/29-31/16ATC International ChampionshipResults
1/30-31/16Champion Cheer CentralResults
1/30-31/16ASC Central NationalsResults
1/30-31/16Spirit Sports Duel in the DesertResults
2/5-6/16Cheer Bowl NationalsResults
2/6-7/16Battle at the BoardwalkResults
2/12-14/16CHEERSPORT Nationals 2016Results
2/19-21/16NCA Nationals 2016Results
2/26-28/16JAMZ Nationals 2016Results
2/27-28/16COA Midwest NationalsResults
2/27-28/16PacWest NationalsResults
3/5-6/16GLCC Grand ShowdownResults
3/12-13/16UCA Nationals 2016Results
3/12-13/16Battle at the CapitolResults
3/12-13/16USA All Star Nationals 2016Results
3/19-20/16WSA Grand Nationals 2016Results
3/19-20/16CSG ChicagoResults
4/2-3/16Reach the Beach All Star NationalsResults
4/2-3/16American Cheer Power Midwest National ChampionshipResults
4/2-3/16The Champions Leage 2016Results
4/23-25/16Worlds 2016Results
4/29/16 - 5/1/16The Summit 2016Results
4/30/16 - 5/1/16The D2 Summit 2016Results

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