Finding important competition results should be simple, fast, and easy. Enter Cheer Theory. Below you’ll find a list of all the major cheerleading competitions with links to results pages where you’ll find standings, winners, bid information, and more. We update this page several times a week to ensure we have the most up-to-date information.

Cheerleading Worlds Bid Competition Results 2023-2024

AmeriCheer The Buckeye Midwest Championship 2023

World Cheer Co Rocky Mountain Nationals 2023

Championnat Adrénaline 2024

WSF Grand Nationals 2023

Canadian Cheer Cheer for the Cure 2023

Champion Cheer and Dance Grand Nationals 2023

Spirit Celebration Christmas Grand Nationals 2023

Sapphire Productions ExpoFest Jingle Blast 2023

World Class Cheer Cali Crown 2023

Champions League Tampa 2023

GMCE Royal Rumble Super Nationals 2023

Cheer America Cheer Bowl 2023

Nation’s Choice Grand Nationals 2023

ASC Battle Under the Big Top Grand Nationals 2023

Encore Grand Nationals 2023

The American Grand Grand Nationals 2023

Pinnacle Cheer Events Pink Cheerleading Championships 2023

America’s Best Grand Nationals 2023

CHAMPS Grand Nationals 2023

Spirit Cheer Super Nationals 2024

GSSA Bakersfield Grand Nationals 2024

Mardi Gras Grand Nationals 2024

Winners Choice Cheerleading Championship Foxwoods 2024

JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals 2024

Spirit of Hope Grand Nationals 2024

Double Up Cheer Productions Cold Snap Classic 2024

Spirit Unlimited Battle at the Boardwalk Grand Nationals 2024

FTP Feel The Power East 2024

The All Out Grand Nationals 2024

Kicks Cheer Championnat des Étoiles 2024

ATC Bellevue Grand Nationals 2024

Hard Rockin’ Nationals All Star Cheerleading Championship 2024

Canadian Cheer Fest 2024

ACA Grand Nationals 2024

Athletic Championships Grand Nationals 2024

Spirit Sports Grand Nationals 2024

CheerFest Championship Montreal 2024

American Spirit Championships ASC Super Nationals 2024

Cheer and Dance Extreme Mid Atlantic Open 2024

CSG Grand Nationals 2024

Cheer Evolution Ontario Championships 2024

Best of the West Championships 2024

Mid-Atlantic Championship Grand Nationals 2024

ATL Atlantic Showdown 2024

CHEERSPORT National All Star Cheerleading Championship 2024

JAMZ DI/Worlds/International All Star Nationals 2024

USCA US Open 2024

COA Grand Nationals 2024

Spirit Solutions Spirit Nationals 2024

NCA All-Star National Championship 2024

Coastal at the Capitol Grand Nationals 2024

GLCC Grand Nationals 2024

9 Panel Cheer Low Country Showdown 2024

The Cheer Expo / Cheer Source Nashville 2024

Aloha Grand Nationals 2024

PacWest Grand Nationals 2024

UCA International All Star Championship 2024

Cheer For Charity The GRAND National Championship 2024

Shout Cheer & Dance Co. Queen City National Championship 2024

WSA Grand Nationals 2024

Spirit Fest Grand Nationals 2024

Star Spirit Nationals 2024

The Spirit Network Marquee Championship 2024

CANAM Grand Nationals 2024

Championnat Provincial 2024

ACDA Reach the Beach Grand Nationals All-Star 2024

USA All Star Super Nationals 2024

Kick’s Celebration Disco 2024

American Cheer Power Grand Nationals 2024

Cheer Derby Savannah National Championship 2024

One Up Grand Nationals 2024

Sea to Sky International Cheer & Dance Championship 2024

Cheer Tech Spirit Nationals 2024

The Cheerleading Worlds 2024

Cheerleading Worlds Bid Competition Results 2022-2023

Championnat Adrénaline 2022

World Spirit Federation WSF Grand Nationals 2022

Canadian Cheer Cheer for the Cure 2022

World Class Cheerleading Cali Crown 2022

Spirit Celebration Christmas Grand Nationals 2022

Champion Cheer & Dance Trenton Grand Nationals 2022

The American Grand Nationals 2022

Nation’s Choice Grand Nationals 2022

All Star Challenge Battle Under the Big Top Grand Nationals 2022

All Star Championships Grand Nationals 2022

America’s Best Championships Grand Nationals 2022

GMCE Royal RumbleSuper Nationals 2022

Encore Championships Grand Nationals 2022

Spirit Cheer Super Nationals 2023

Universal Spirit Spirit of Hope Grand Nationals 2023

Mardi Gras Grand Nationals 2023

Winners Choice Cheerleading Championship 2023

GSSA Grand Nationals 2023

Double Up Cheer Productions Cold Snap Classic 2023

FTP Feel The Power East 2023

Spirit Unlimited Battle at the Boardwalk Grand Nationals 2023

JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals 2023

American Spirit Championships Super Nationals 2023

Athletic Championships Athletic Grand Nationals 2023

All Things Cheer ATC Grand Nationals 2023

ACA Grand Nationals 2023

Champion Cheer Central Hard Rockin National Cheer & Dance Champ 2023

Cheerfest Montreal Championship 2023

Canadian Cheer Fest 2023

All Out Championships The All Out Nationals 2023

The Champions League 2023

CSG Grand Nationals 2023

Spirit Sports Grand Nationals 2023

Cheer and Dance Extreme Mid Atlantic Nationals 2023

Cheer America Cheer Bowl 2023

Coastal Corporation Coastal at the Coast 2023

Varsity Canada Atlantic Showdown 2023

Cheersport National All Star Championship 2023

Cheer Evolution Ontario Championships 2023

JAMZ DI/Worlds/International All Star Nationals 2023

NCA All Star Nationals 2023

COA Grand Nationals 2023

Spirit Solutions Spirit Nationals 2023

ACA True North Cheer & Dance Championships 2023

US Cheerleading Association US Open Championships 2023

9 Panel Cheer Low Country Showdown 2023

GLCC Grand Nationals 2023

Pac West Grand Nationals 2023

Mid Atlantic Championships Grand Nationals 2023

WSA Grand Nationals 2023

Kick’s Celebration Under the Sea 2023

UCA International All Star Cheerleading Champ 2023

Aloha Grand Nationals 2023

Shout Cheer & Dance Co. Queen City Natioinal Championship 2023

Cheer for Charity The Grand Championship by the Sea 2023

Spirit Festival Spirit Fest Grand Nationals 2023

Spirit Royale Marquee Las Vegas 2023

USA All Star Super Nationals 2023

Championnat Provincial 2023

Star Spirit Productions Star Spirit Nationals 2023

Cheer LTD. CANAM Grand Nationals 2023

American Cheer Power Grand Natioinals 2023

Cheer Derby Savannah National Championship 2023

ACDA Reach the Beach All Star Nationals 2023

Sea to Sky International Cheer & Dance Championship 2023

One Up Grand Nationals 2023

Cheer Tech Spirit Nationals 2023

The Cheerleading Worlds 2023

Cheerleading Worlds Bid Competition Results 2021-2022

WSF Louisville Grand Nationals 2021

Spirit Celebration Grand Nationals 2021

Champion Cheer and Dance Grand Nationals 2021

Nation’s Choice Grand Nationals 2021

ASC Battle Under the Big Top Grand Nationals 2021

The American Grand Nationals 2021

America’s Best Grand Nationals 2021

ASCS Aurora Grand Nationals 2021

GMCE Royal Rumble Cheer Nationals 2021

Encore Championships Houston Grand Nationals 2021

Spirit Cheer Beast of the East 2022

Elite Cheer Company Big Bid Championships 2022

The MAJORS 2022

Spirit of Hope Grand Nationals 2022

GSSA Grand Nationals 2022

JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals 2022

Mardi Gras Extravaganza 2022

Battle at the Boardwalk Nationals 2022

American Spirit Championships Super Nationals 2022

The All Out Nationals 2022

ATC International Starz Championships 2022

Athletic Championships Providence Grand Nationals 2022

Hard Rockin National Cheer & Dance Championship 2022

Cheer and Dance Extreme Mid Atlantic Nationals 2022

ACA All Star Championship 2022

CSG Grand Nationals 2022

Spirit Sports Grand Nationals Duel in the Desert 2022

Cheer America Cheer Bowl Nationals 2022

Coastal at the Capitol Grand Nationals 2022

Cheersport Nationals 2022


JAMZ DI / Worlds / International All Star Nationals 2022


NCA All Star Nationals 2022

Spirit Nationals 2022

COA Columbus Grand Nationals 2022

Mid Atlantic Championships 2022

GLCC Grand Nationals 2022

Pac West Grand Championship 2022

Aloha Spirit Grand Nationals 2022

Queen City National Championship 2022

UCA International All Star Cheerleading Championship 2022

WSA Grand Nationals 2022

Cheer LTD Grand Nationals at Canam 2022

Spirit Fest Grand Nationals 2022

USA All Star Super Nationals 2022

Star Spirit Nationals 2022

USCA US Open Cheerleading & Dance Championship 2022

Reach the Beach All Star Grand Nationals 2022

American Cheer Power Grand Nationals 2022

Cheer Tech Spirit Nationals 2022

One Up Grand Nationals 2022

Deep South Beach Nationals 2022

The Cheerleading Worlds 2022

Cheerleading Competition Results 2020-2021

DateEvent NameLocationBids
12/4-6/20WSF All Star Cheer & Dance Championship 2020-2021VirtualTBD
CancelledSpirit Celebration Christmas Championship 2020-2021Dallas, TXTBD
12/11-13/20Nation's Choice Holiday Classic 2020-2021Wisconsin Dells, WITBD
12/12-13/20Battle Under the Big Top 2020-2021Atlanta, GATBD
12/19/20America's Best National Championship 2020-2021VirtualTBD
12/19-20/20Encore Championships 2020-2021Houston, TXTBD
1/9-10/20Red Fox Championship 2020-2021Huntsville, ALTBD
CancelledThe American GrandLas Vegas, NVTBD
1/16-17/21Spirit of Hope Nationals 2020-2021Atlanta, GATBD
1/16-17/21JAMfest Super Nationals 2020-2021Indianapolis, INTBD
1/23/21GSSA Championships 2020-2021VirtualTBD
1/24/21Battle at the Boardwalk 2020-2021VirtualTBD
1/29-30/21CSG Super Nationals 2020-2021Wisconsin Dells, WITBD
1/30/21Athletic Championships 2020-2021VirtualTBD
1/30-31/21ACA Nationals 2020-2021Ft Worth, TXTBD
1/31/21ATC International Championships 2020-2021VirtualTBD
2/6-7/21The All Out Nationals 2020-2021Kissimmee, FLTBD
2/6-7/21Cheer America National Championship 2020-2021Houston, TXTBD
2/6-7/21American Spirit Championships Super Nationals 2020-2021Tulsa, OKTBD
2/7/21Mardi Gras Extravaganza 2020-2021VirtualTBD
2/12-14/21CHEERSPORT Nationals 2020-2021Atlanta, GATBD
2/13-14/21Cheer and Dance Extreme Mid Atlantic Open Championship 2020-2021Richmond, VATBD
CancelledJAMZ All Star NationalsLas Vegas, NVTBD
2/20/21Coastal at the Capitol DI & DII National Championship 2020-2021VirtualTBD
2/27-28/21COA Midwest National Championship 2020-2021Indianapolis, INTBD
3/6-7/21NCA All Star Nationals 2021VirtualTBD
3/6-7/21GMCE Royal RumbleSuper Nationals 2020-2021Columbus, OHTBD
3/6-7/21GLCC – The Showdown Grand Nationals 2020-2021Indianapolis, INTBD
3/6-7/21WSA Grand Nationals 2020-2021Mobile, ALTBD
3/6-7/21Aloha Spirit Championships 2020-2021Phoenix, AZTBD
3/6-7/21Cheer Tech Spirit Nationals 2020-2021VirtualTBD
3/7/21Spirit Sports Duel in the Desert 2020-2021VirtualTBD
3/12-14/21Spirit Festival Nationals 2020-2021VirtualTBD
3/13-14/21USA All Star Championships 2020-2021VirtualTBD
3/20-21/21ASCS Tournament of Champions 2020-2021St. Charles, MOTBD
3/21/21Beast of the East 2020-2021VirtualTBD
3/20-21/21Cheer Ltd Nationals at CANAM 2020-2021Myrtle Beach, SCTBD
3/21/21PacWest Nationals 2020-2021VirtualTBD
3/27-28/21Reach The Beach Nationals 2020-2021Ocean City, MDTBD
3/27-28/21ACP Midwest National Championship 2020-2021Columbus, OHTBD
3/27-28/21One Up National Championship 2020-2021Atlanta, GATBD
4/3/21Mid Atlantic Nationals 2020-2021Wildwood, NJTBD
4/9-10/21Hard Rockin’ Nationals 2020-2021Erie, PATBD
4/9-10/21Deep South Spirit Beach Nationals 2020-2021Orange Beach, ALTBD
4/17-18/21UCA International All Star Championships 2020-2021Orlando, FLTBD

Cheerleading Competition Results 2019-2020

DatesCompany NameEvent NameCityState
November 23-24, 2019The Greater Midwest Cheer ExpoRoyal RumbleSuper NationalsColumbusOH
December 7-8, 2019Spirit CelebrationSpirit Celebration Christmas ClassicDallasTX
December 7-8, 2019America's Best ChampionshipsAB National ChampionshipKansas CityMO
December 7-8, 2020World Spirit FederationWSF All Star Cheer & Dance ChampionshipLouisvilleKY
December 14-15, 2019Nation's ChoiceHoliday ClassicSchamburgIL
December 14-15, 2019All Star ChallengeBattle Under the Big TopAtlantaGA
December 14-15, 2019Encore ChampionshipsEncore Championships - HoustonHoustonTX
December 14-15, 2019The American ChampionshipsThe American GrandLas VegasNV
January 11-12, 2020Elite Cheer CompaniesRed Fox ChampionshipsHuntsvilleAL
January 11-12, 2020Spirit CheerBeast of the EastAtlantic CityNJ
January 18-19, 2020Golden State Spirit AssociationGSSA ChampionshipBakersfieldCA
January 18-19, 2020Universal Spirit (Spirit of Hope)Spirit of Hope NationalsCharlotteNC
January 17, 2020JAMfestThe MAJORSIndianapolisIN
January 18- 20, 2020JAMfestJAMfest Cheer Super NationalsIndianapolisIN
January 18-19, 2020Mardi Gras Spirit EventsMardi Gras ExtravaganzaNew OrleansLA
January 25-26, 2020All Things CheerATC International Championships 2020BellevueWA
January 25-26, 2020Champion Cheer Central, Inc.Champion Cheer Hard Rockin’ Nationals 2020ClevelandOH
January 25-26, 2020Spirit UnlimitedBattle at the Boardwalk Nationals 2020Atlantic CityNJ
February 1-2, 2020Spirit SportsDuel in the DesertPalm SpringsCA
February 1-2, 2020Coastal CorporationBattle at the CapitolNat'l HarbourMD
February 1-2, 2020Cheer America ChampionshipsCheer America National ChampionshipHoustonTX
February 1-2, 2020Champion Spirit GroupCSG Super NationalsSchamburgIL
February 1-2, 2020American Spirit ChampionshipsCentral National Finals 2020TulsaOK
February 8-9, 2020Cheer and Dance ExtremeCheer and Dance Extreme Mid Atlantic Nationals 2020RichmondVA
February 8- 9, 2020American Cheerleaders AssocACA All Star Championship 2020Ft WorthTX
February 8- 9, 2021Athletic ChampionshipsAthletic Championships Providence 2020ProvidenceRI
February 14-17, 2020JAMZJAMZ Nationals 2020Las VegasNV
February 15-16, 2020CheersportCHEERSPORT Nationals 2020AtlantaGA
February 22- 23, 2020COA Cheer & DanceCOA Midwest All Star National Champ 2020ColumbusOH
February 22- 23, 2020Mid-Atlantic CheerMid Atlantic Championships 2020WildwoodNJ
February 28 - March 1, 2020National Cheerleaders AssocNCA All-Star Nationals 2020DallasTX
March 7-8, 2020Cheer TechCheer Tech Spirit Nationals 2020WildwoodNJ
March 7-8, 2020GLCCGLCC The Showdown Grand Nationals 2020SchamburgIL
March 7-8, 2020Pac West Spirit GroupPAC WEST Spirit Nationals 2020PortlandOR
March 7-8, 2020Worldwide Spirit Assoc.WSA Grand Nationals 2020New OrleansLA
March 14-15, 2019Postponed - Aloha ProductionsAloha Spirit Championships 2020PhoenixAZ
March 14-15, 2020Universal Cheerleaders AssocUCA International All Star Championship 2020OrlandoFL
March 14-15, 2020Postponed - Spirit FestivalSpirit Festival Nationals 2020ProvidenceRI
March 21-22, 2020Postponed - Cheer LTD.Cheer LTD Nationals at CanamMyrtle BeachSC
March 21-22, 2020Postponed - United Spirit AssociationUSA All Star ChampionshipsAnaheimCA
March 28-29, 2020Postponed - American Cheer and Dance AcadReach the Beach All Star NationalsOcean CityMD
March 28-29, 2020Postponed - American Cheer PowerMidwest National ChampionshipColumbusOH
April 4-5, 2020Postponed - One Up ChampionshipsOne Up NationalsNashvilleTN

Cheerleading Competition Results 2018-2019

DatesEvent NamePaid BidsAL BidsNT BidsCityState
December 1-2, 2018Holiday Classic241DeKalbIL
December 1-2, 2018Spirit Celebration Christmas Classic361DallasTX
December 7, 2018Cheer Alliance Championship000LouisvilleKY
December 8-9, 2018ASC Central National Finals241OK CityOK
December 8-9, 2018Spirit Nationals241WildwoodNJ
December 8- 9, 2018WSF All Star Cheer & Dance Championship481LouisvilleKY
December 8-9, 2018Battle Under the Big Top241AtlantaGA
December 15-16, 2018Royal RumbleSuper Nationals241ColumbusOH
December 15-16, 2018Encore Championships - Houston361HoustonTX
December 15-16, 2018The American Grand241Las VegasNV
December 15-16, 2018AB National Championship241Kansas CityMO
January 12-13, 2019Red Fox Championships241HuntsvilleAL
January 12-13, 2019Beast of the East361Atlantic CityNJ
January 19-20, 2019GSSA Championship241BakersfieldCA
January 18, 2019The MAJORS000IndianapolisIN
January 19-20, 2019Spirit of Hope Nationals5101CharlotteNC
January 19-20, 2019JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals6121IndianapolisIN
January 19-20, 2019Mardi Gras Extravaganza241New OrleansLA
January 26-27, 2019ATC International Starz Championships241BellevueWA
January 26-27, 2019Hard Rockin National Cheer & Dance Champ241ClevelandOH
January 26-27, 2019Athletic Championships Providence361ProvidenceRI
February 2-3, 2019Battle at the Boardwalk Nationals241Atlantic CityNJ
February 2-3, 2019Duel in the Desert481Palm SpringsCA
February 2-3, 2019Cheer America National Championship241HoustonTX
February 9-10, 2019Mid Atlantic Nationals241RichmondVA
February 9-10, 2019CSG Super Nationals241SchaumburgIL
February 9-10, 2019ACA All Star Championship361Ft WorthTX
February 15-17, 2019JAMZ All Star Nationals481Las VegasNV
February 23-24, 2019COA Midwest All Star National Champ361ColumbusOH
February 23-24, 2019CHEERSPORT9181AtlantaGA
March 1-3, 2019NCA Nationals 20199181DallasTX
March 9-10, 2019Aloha Spirit Championships241PhoenixAZ
March 9-10, 2019The Showdown Grand Nationals241SchaumburgIL
March 9-10, 2019Spirit Fest All Star Cheer and Dance Nationals361HartfordCT
March 9-10, 2019Pac West Nationals121PortlandOR
March 9-10, 2019UCA International All Star Cheerleading Championship5101OrlandoFL
March 9-10, 2019Battle at the Capitol361Nat'l HarbourMD
March 16-17, 2019USA All Star Championship 2019361AnaheimCA
March 16-17, 2019WSA Nationals 2019241New OrleansLA
March 16-17, 2019Mid Atlantic Championships241WildwoodNJ
March 16-17, 2019Cheer LTD Nationals at Canam241Myrtle BeachSC
March 23-24, 2018Reach the Beach All Star Nationals241Ocean CityMD
March 30-31, 2019One Up Nationals 2019481NashvilleTN
April 6-7, 2019Midwest National Championship 20195101ColumbusOH

Cheerleading Competition Results 2017-2018

DateEvent NameFull PaidAt LargeTotalCityState
12/2/17AB National Championship246Kansas CityMO
12/2/17Spirit Nationals246Atlantic CityNJ
12/2/17Holiday Classic246DeKalbIL
12/2/17Encore Championships - Houston369HoustonTX
12/8/17Cheer Alliance Championship000LouisvilleKY
12/9/17WSF All Star Cheer & Dance Championship4812LouisvilleKY
12/9/17Battle Under the Big Top246AtlantaGA
12/9/17Spirit Celebration Christmas Classic369DallasTX
12/16/17The American Grand369Las VegasNV
12/16/17Royal Rumble Cheer & Dance Open246ColumbusOH
1/6/18Red Fox Championships246BirminghamAL
1/13/18GSSA Championship246Los AngelesCA
1/13/18Spirit of Hope National Championship 201851015CharlotteNC
1/13/18Beast of the East Winter Nationals 20184812Atlantic CityNJ
1/13/18Mardi Gras Extravaganza256New OrleansLA
1/26/18The MAJORS 2018---IndianapolisIN
1/27/18JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals71421IndianapolisIN
1/27/18Athletic Championships-Providence369ProvidenceRI
1/27/18ASC Central National Finals246OK CityOK
1/27/18ATC International Starz Championships246BellevueWA
2/3/18Duel in the Desert4812Palm SpringsCA
2/3/18Cheer America National Championship246HoustonTX
2/3/18Battle at the Boardwalk Nationals246Atlantic CityNJ
2/10/18ACA All Star Championship369Ft WorthTX
2/10/18Hard Rockin National Cheer & Dance Championship246ClevelandOH
2/10/18Mid Atlantic Nationals246RichmondVA
2/17/18Cheersport Nationals91827AtlantaGA
2/17/18JAMZ Nationals 4812Las VegasNV
2/24/18NCA All Star Nationals91827DallasTX
2/24/18COA Midwest All Star National Championship369ColumbusOH
2/24/18Aloha Spirit Championships123FresnoCA
3/3/18Mid Atlantic Nationals246WildwoodNJ
3/10/18UCA International All Star Cheerleading Championship51015OrlandoFL
3/10/18GLCC The Showdown Grand Nationals246SchaumburgIL
3/10/18Battle at the Capitol369National HarbourMD
3/10/18WSA Grand Nationals369New OrleansLA
3/10/18PAC WEST Nationals 2018123PortlandOR
3/10/18Spirit Fest All Star Cheer and Dance Nationals369HartfordCT
3/17/18USA All Star Championships369AnaheimCA
3/17/18CANAM Nationals 2018246Myrtle BeachSC
3/17/18CSG Super Nationals246RosemontIL
3/24/18American Cheer Power Midwest National Championship51015ColumbusOH
4/7/18Reach the Beach All Star Nationals369Ocean CityMD
4/14/17One Up Nationals 20184812AtlantaGA

Cheerleading Competition Results 2016-2017

12/2/16Spirit NationalsResults204New Jersey
12/3/16America's Best National ChampionshipsResults204Kansas City, Missouri
12/3/16Holiday Classic CheerResults306DeKalb, IL
12/10/16GSSA Championships SouthResults204Los Angeles, CA
12/10/16Battle Under the Big TopResults204Atlanta, GA
12/10/16WSFResults408Louisville, KY
12/10/16Christmas ClassicResults204Dallas, TX
12/16/16Champions LeagueResults000Nashville, TN
12/16/16Cheer Alliance ChampionshipResults000New York City, NY
12/16/16American Grand ChampionshipsResults306Las Vegas, NV
1/7/17ECC BirminghamResults204Birmingham, AL
1/7/17Mid Atlantic Open ChampionshipResults204Richmond, VA
1/14/17Spirit of Hope National ChampionshipResults5010Charlotte, NC
1/14/17Beast of the East Winter Nationals 2017Results306Atlantic City, NJ
1/14/17ACA All Star Cheer NationalsResults306Fort Worth, TX
1/20/17The MAJORSResults
1/21/17JAMfest Cheer Super NationalsResults5010Indianapolis, IN
1/21/17Mardi Gras Nationals - ExtravaganzaResults204New Orleans, LA
1/21/17Platinum Championships - ProvidenceResults306Providence, RI
1/27/17American Spirit Championships - Central NationalsResults204Oklahoma City, OK
1/27/17All Things CheerResults204Bellevue, WA
1/27/17CCC's Hard Rockin' National Cheer and Dance Championships 2017Results306Cleveland, OH
2/4/17Duel in the DesertResults408Palm Springs, CA
2/4/17Battle at the BoardwalkResults204Atlantic City, NJ
2/11/17Battle at the CapitolResults306National Harbor, MD
2/17/17JAMZ 2017 National ChampionshipResults408Las Vegas, NV
2/17/17Cheer America Cheer BowlResults306Houston, TX
2/18/17CheerSport Results8016Atlanta, GA
2/24/17NCA All-Star National ChampionshipResults8016Dallas, TX
2/25/17COA Midwest National ChampionshipResults306Columbus, OH
3/3/17Mid Atlantic ChampionshipsResults204Wildwood, NJ
3/4/17GLCC The Showdown Grand NationalsResults204Schaumburg, IL
3/4/17PacWest NationalsResults102Portland, OR
3/11/17CSG Super NationalsResults204Rosemont, IL
3/11/17Sevierville Cheer 2017Results 204Sevierville, TN
3/11/17Aloha SacramentoResults204Sacramento, CA
3/11/17Spirit FestivalResults306Hartford, CT
3/11/17WSA Grand NationalsResults306New Orleans, LA
3/11/17UCA International All Star ChampionshipResults5010Orlando, FL
3/17/17Cheer LTD Nationals at CANAMResults204Myrlte Beach, SC
3/18/17USA All Star ChampionshipResults204Anaheim, CA
3/24/17CheerExpo National Championships-024Canada
3/25/17GMCE Royal Rumble FinalResults204Richmond, KY
3/31/17ACP Midwest National ChampionshipResults408Columbus, OH
4/1/17Reach the Beach All Star NationalsResults306Ocean City, MD
4/8/17The All Star Games 2017Results---Las Vegas, NV
4/8/17One Up National ChampionshipResults408Atlanta, GA
4/29/16The Cheerleading WorldsResults---Orlando, FL
5/5/17The Summit 2017Results---Orlando, FL
5/12/17The D2 Summit 2017Results---Orlando, FL
TBDWorlds Bid Race303USA

Cheerleading Competition Results 2015-2016

12/11-12/15Showdown OrlandoResults
12/12-13/15American Grand Las VegasResults
12/12-13/15Battle Under the Big TopResults
12/12-13/15WSF 2015Results
12/19-20/15GSSA 2015Results
12/19-20/15Americheer 2015Results
1/9-10/16Redfox NationalsResults
1/9-10/16Cheer and Dance ExtremeResults
1/15/16The MajorsResults
1/16-17/16JAMfest Super NationalsResults
1/16-17/16Spirit of Hope NationalsResults
1/17-18/16ACA All Star ChampionshipResults
1/21-22/16Mardi Gras NationalsResults
1/23-24/16Athletic Championship ProvidenceResults
1/29-31/16ATC International ChampionshipResults
1/30-31/16Champion Cheer CentralResults
1/30-31/16ASC Central NationalsResults
1/30-31/16Spirit Sports Duel in the DesertResults
2/5-6/16Cheer Bowl NationalsResults
2/6-7/16Battle at the BoardwalkResults
2/12-14/16CHEERSPORT Nationals 2016Results
2/19-21/16NCA Nationals 2016Results
2/26-28/16JAMZ Nationals 2016Results
2/27-28/16COA Midwest NationalsResults
2/27-28/16PacWest NationalsResults
3/5-6/16GLCC Grand ShowdownResults
3/12-13/16UCA Nationals 2016Results
3/12-13/16Battle at the CapitolResults
3/12-13/16USA All Star Nationals 2016Results
3/19-20/16WSA Grand Nationals 2016Results
3/19-20/16CSG ChicagoResults
4/2-3/16Reach the Beach All Star NationalsResults
4/2-3/16American Cheer Power Midwest National ChampionshipResults
4/2-3/16The Champions Leage 2016Results
4/23-25/16Worlds 2016Results
4/29/16 - 5/1/16The Summit 2016Results
4/30/16 - 5/1/16The D2 Summit 2016Results