American Cheer Power Grand Nationals 2022

The Cheerleading Worlds 2022

The Cheerleading Worlds 2023

Canadian Cheer Cheer for the Cure 2022


Canadian Cheer Fest 2023


Cheer Evolution Ontario Championships 2023


USCA US Open Cheerleading & Dance Championship 2022

GMCE Royal Rumble Cheer Nationals 2021

Elite Cheer Company Big Bid Championships 2022

American Spirit Championships Super Nationals 2022

The All Out Nationals 2022

Hard Rockin National Cheer & Dance Championship 2022

Cheer and Dance Extreme Mid Atlantic Nationals 2022

Cheer America Cheer Bowl Nationals 2022


JAMZ DI / Worlds / International All Star Nationals 2022


Spirit Nationals 2022

WSA Grand Nationals 2022

Queen City National Championship 2022

Star Spirit Nationals 2022

Cheer Tech Spirit Nationals 2022