27th MCD Hoosier Open 2023

9 Panel Cheer All Star Jam Asheville 2023

AAS Nationals 2023

ACDA Reach the Beach – Showdown (Rec)

ACDA Reach the Beach School & Dance Grand Nationals 2023

All Day Cheerleading Carolina Cup 2023

All Day Cheerleading For the Love of Cheer 2023

Allstar Showdown Northeast Showdown 2023

Aloha Oklahoma City Showdown DI/DII 2023

Aloha Reading Showdown 2023

AmeriCheer Brands Capital City Championships 2023

AmeriCheer Brands Sheridan Spirit Series 2023

Apex Championships Indianapolis 2023

ASC Kansas City Express Nationals 2023

ASC Queen of the Nile Worcester Showdown DI/DII 2023

ASC West Texas Express Nationals 2023

ASCS Dance Grand Nationals & Cheer Showdown 2023

Baby I’m a Star Corn Palace Cheer & Dance 2023

Baby I’m a Star Rainbow Shine-Off 2023