Champions League Tampa 2023

MaXout Great Smoky Kaua 2023

The Spirit Network Marquee Los Angeles 2023

Celebrity Championships Celebrity Branson 2023

Aloha Gatlinburg Showdown 2023

Full Out Ho Ho Hoo-Rah! 2023

9 Panel Cheer Allstar Jam Concord December 2023

Baby I’m a Star Frost Fest 2023

Spirit Brands The Festival Wildwood 2023

Cheer America Cheer Bowl 2023

ASC Battle Under the Big Top Grand Nationals 2023

GMCE Royal Rumble Super Nationals 2023

Winner’s Choice Bring It! CHEER Championships Nashville 2023

Canadian Cheer Montréal Mayhem 2023

Diamond Cheer and Dance Christmas Championship 2023

NCA Lexington Classic 2023

NCA Holiday Classic 2023

Cheer Party Gulf Shores 2023

UCE Dayton 2023

MCDA Christmas Classic Hamilton OH 2023