Canadian Cheer School National Championships 2023

Canadian Cheer Fall Classic 2023

Championnat Adrénaline 2024

Canadian Cheer Cheer for the Cure 2023

Sapphire Productions ExpoFest Jingle Blast 2023

Canadian Cheer Montréal Mayhem 2023

Pinnacle Cheer Events Pink Cheerleading Championships 2023

Canadian Cheer Battle at the Border 2024

Canadian Cheer Border Showdown 2024

Kicks Cheer Championnat des Étoiles 2024

Canadian Cheer Big East Blast 2024

Canadian Cheer Fest 2024

Canadian Cheer Big East Showdown 2024

CheerFest Championship Montreal 2024

Best of the West Championships 2024

Cheer Evolution Ontario Championships 2024

Cheer Evolution Québec Championships 2024

JAMZ DI/Worlds/International All Star Nationals 2024

Canadian Cheer Winterfest 2024

Championnat Provincial 2024