American Spirit Championships Appalachian Express Nationals 2024

JAMZ Youth & School State Championship 2024

MCDA Mountain Madness 2024

AmeriCheer Buckeye State Championship 2024

Cheer Spirit Salem Bid Bash Championships 2024

MaXout Rocky Coast Kaua 2024

Cheer Star Alamo National Championship 2024

Deep South Spirit Peach Classic 2024

Deep South Spirit The Cheer Tour Oklahoma City 2024

All Star Showdown Great Lakes Showdown 2024

Cheer All About It Winter Classic 2024

Celebrity Championships Shreveport 2024

Full Out Battle in Spokane 2024

9 Panel Cheer All Star Jam Asheville February 2024

USCA US Open 2024

Valley of the Sun CactusFest 2024

FCDA Daytona Dazzler 2024

Spirit Brands Peach Tree Classic 2024

Spirit Solutions Spirit Nationals 2024