The Ring Championships Bluegrass Showdown 2024

NCA Richmond Classic 2024

NCA Oaks Classic 2024

NCA Concord Classic 2024

USA Competition I 2024

Cheer Party Columbia 2024

USA Northern California Regional III 2024

USA Utah Regional II 2024

Champion Cheer and Dance – Dance Grand Nationals 2024

Impact Montville January 2024

CHEERSPORT Biloxi Classic 2024

Maximum Cheer and Dance Oak City Classic 2024

AmeriCheer Blue Devil Spirit Series 2024

Cheer All About It New Year’s Classic 2024

NCA Pigeon Forge Classic 2024

America’s Best Youngstown Challenge 2024

Maximum Cheer and Dance Ocean Coastal Classic 2024

AmeriCheer City of Lights Championship 2024

The MAJORS 2024