JAMZ So Cal Classic 2022

JAMZ Royal Valley Championship 2022

Bravo Spirit Gym Showcase 2022

Nation’s Choice Dance Grand Nationals & Cheer Showdown 2022

COA Indy Challenge 2023

CHEERSPORT Concord Classic 1 DI/DII 2022

Maximum Cheer and Dance Mayflower Madness 2022

World Class Cheer Florida Cup 2022

CSG Youngstown Challenge 2022

NYSAA New York State Recreation Cheer Championship 2022

Diamond Cheer and Dance Diamond’s Fall Classic 2022

GMCE River City Showdown 2022

Spirit Solutions Ocean Classic 2022

Fusion Cheer and Dance Fall Fest Spectacular 2022

3P Comps Utah Kick Off 2022

NCA North Dallas Regional Championship 2022

Journey Championships St. Louis 2022

Victory Mississippi Kick-Off 2022