9 Panel Cheer Low Country Showdown 2023

ACA Grand Nationals 2023

ACA True North Cheer & Dance Championships 2023

ACDA Reach the Beach All Star Nationals 2023

All Out Championships The All Out Nationals 2023

All Star Challenge Battle Under the Big Top Grand Nationals 2022

All Star Championships Grand Nationals 2022

All Things Cheer ATC Grand Nationals 2023

Aloha Grand Nationals 2023

America’s Best Championships Grand Nationals 2022

American Cheer Power Grand Natioinals 2023

American Spirit Championships Super Nationals 2023

Athletic Championships Athletic Grand Nationals 2023

Canadian Cheer Cheer for the Cure 2022

Canadian Cheer Fest 2023

Champion Cheer & Dance Trenton Grand Nationals 2022

Champion Cheer Central Hard Rockin National Cheer & Dance Champ 2023

Championnat Adrénaline 2022

Championnat Provincial 2023