Double Up Cheer Productions Cold Snap Classic 2023

Spirit Unlimited Battle at the Boardwalk Grand Nationals 2023

FTP Feel The Power East 2023

JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals 2023

American Spirit Championships Super Nationals 2023

Champion Cheer Central Hard Rockin National Cheer & Dance Champ 2023

Athletic Championships Athletic Grand Nationals 2023

ACA Grand Nationals 2023

All Things Cheer ATC Grand Nationals 2023

Cheerfest Montreal Championship 2023

Cheer America Cheer Bowl 2023

Spirit Sports Grand Nationals 2023

All Out Championships The All Out Nationals 2023

The Champions League 2023

CSG Grand Nationals 2023

Canadian Cheer Fest 2023

Cheer and Dance Extreme Mid Atlantic Nationals 2023

Varsity Canada Atlantic Showdown 2023

Coastal Corporation Coastal at the Coast 2023

Cheer Evolution Ontario Championships 2023