We’re in the dead heat of nationals season and approximately 44% of the 2017 Worlds bids have been awarded. 164 bids have been awarded and 210 bids remain and the largest events of the season are still in front of us.

We created a few ~fun~ graphics to show who has won at-large and full paid bids so far. As of today, Small Senior 5 and Small Senior Coed 5 lead the way with 34 and 36 bids respectively. Also fun fact, of the Large Coed 5 teams who have bids, more have full paid bids (6) than at-larges (3).

As you’ll see on the map of the United States, Texas and California teams are dominating right now in terms of awarded bids. Hover over the map below to see how your state fares. Sidenote: a lot of gyms have multiple locations in different states and we tried our best to match each bid with the correct gym location. If you see a mistake, holler and we’ll fix it.

These stats are all based on awards given out in the United States. International events were not included in these graphs or rankings.

Division Ranking by Awarded Worlds Bids

  1. Small Senior Coed 5
  2. Small Senior 5
  3. Medium Senior 5
  4. International Open Small Coed 5
  5. Medium Senior Coed 5
  6. International Open Large Coed 5
  7. Large Senior Coed 5
  8. Large Senior 5
  9. International Open 5
  10. International Open Large Coed 6
  11. International Open Small Coed 6
  12. International Open 6

You can see a list of each team who’s won a Worlds bid here.

Awarded Worlds Bid Infographic

Awarded Bids

We’re tracking all bids all season long. Find them below.

Worlds Bids

Summit Bids 

D2 Summit Bids