Do you need a full paid bid to win at a major end of year event? Not necessarily, but the stats undeniably show that the majority of teams who won first place had a full paid bid to The Cheerleading Worlds, The Summit, or The D2 Summit in 2018. 

Someone on Twitter asked us to list all the medalists from the Cheerleading Worlds, The Summit, and The D2 Summit alongside what type of bid they won, so we did! We went a step further and did some simple calculations to determine what percentage of gold, silver, and bronze medals were won with what bids.  The percentages are listed below and towards the bottom is a list of each medalist at The Cheerleading Worlds, The Summit, and The D2 Summit with their bid type. 

How Teams with Different Types of Bids Performed in 2018

At the Cheerleading Worlds, it’s pretty safe to say that you need a full paid bid to win. 79% of teams who won had full paid bids, which means only 3 teams won without a paid bid. Two of those were from Canada where there are very few full paid bids and only one team won with an at large bid, The California All Stars Reckless. Full paid bids dominated second place as well, with 71% of silver medalists with a full paid bid. And exactly half of the third place medalists had a full paid bid.

At The Summit, 52% of first place wins had full paid bids, and at The D2 Summit, 55% of first place wins had full paid bids. At these two events, there seems to be a greater opportunity for a win with at large and wild card bids. Only 42% of ALL medals at The Summit were awarded to teams with full paid bids. Coincidentally, only 41% of ALL medals at The D2 Summit were awarded to teams with full paid bids, too. Very few teams won The Summit and The D2 Summit without full paid bids – six and one, respectively. 

These stats aren’t all that surprising under the assumption that the most talented teams ~should~ win full paid bids. However, it’s nice to see teams with at large and wild card bids win medals – keeps things fun and interesting! See all the stats below! 


Cheerleading Worlds 2018 Bids and Wins Stats

All Medal Wins and Bid Types Compared

 Bid Type Number Percentage
 Partial Paid 5 12%
 At Large 7 17%
 Paid 29 69%
 Unknown 1 2%

First Place Wins

 Bid Type Number Percentage
 Partial Paid 2 14%
 At Large 1 7%
 Paid 11 79%

Second Place Wins

 Bid Type Number Percentage
 Partial Paid 1 7%
 At Large 3  21%
 Paid 10 71%

Third Place Wins

 Bid Type Number Percentage
 Partial Paid 2 14%
 At Large 3 21%
 Paid 8 57%
 Unknown 1 7%


The Summit 2018 Bids and Wins

All Medal Wins and Bid Types Compared

 Bid Type Number Percentage
 Wild Card 19 15%
 At Large 54 43%
 Paid 53 42%

First Place Wins

 Bid Type Number Percentage
 Wild Card 6 14%
 At Large 15 34%
 Paid 23 52%

Second Place Wins

 Bid Type Number Percentage
 Wild Card 5 12%
 At Large 20 48%
 Paid 17 40%

Third Place Wins

 Bid Type Number Percentage
 Wild Card 8 20%
 At Large 19 47.5%
 Paid 13 32.5%


The D2 Summit Bids and Wins

All Medal Wins and Bid Types Compared

 Bid Type Number Percentage
 Wild Card 13 13%
 At Large 41 41%
 Paid 42 42%
 Unknown 4 4%

First Place Wins

 Bid Type Number Percentage
 Wild Card 1 3%
 At Large 13 39%
 Paid 19 58%

Second Place Wins

 Bid Type Number Percentage
 Wild Card 4 11%
 At Large 16 44%
 Paid 12 33%
 Unknown 4 11%

Third Place Wins

 Bid Type Number Percentage
 Wild Card 8 26%
 At Large 12 39%
 Paid 11 35%

Medalists and Winners

Cheerleading Worlds 2018 Medalists and Bid Type

YearDivisionProgramTeam GunzGoldSilverBronzeBid Type
2018Extra Small Coed 5University Cheer ForceFirestormXFull Paid
2018Extra Small Coed 5Maine StarsGloryXAt Large
2018Extra Small Coed 5SCV AllstarsX5XFull Paid
2018Extra Small Senior 5Cheer ExpressMiss SilverXFull Paid
2018Extra Small Senior 5Green Bay EliteLimeXFull Paid
2018Extra Small Senior 5Elite CheerStarsXAt Large
2018International Open 5Cheer Sport SharksGreat White SharksXPartial Paid
2018International Open 5Flyers AllstarzKnockoutXPartial Paid
2018International Open 5GymTyme All StarsPinkXAt Large
2018International Open 6Flyers AllstarzKarmaXPartial Paid
2018International Open 6Viqueens SpiritViqueens SpiritXAt Large
2018International Open 6Gothenburg Cheer OneWildcatsXAt Large
2018International Open Large Coed 5Top Gun All StarsOO5XFull Paid
2018International Open Large Coed 5Cheer AthleticsWildcatsXFull Paid
2018International Open Large Coed 5Flyers AllstarzNotoriousXPartial Paid
2018International Open Large Coed 6Cheer AthleticsClaw6XFull Paid
2018International Open Large Coed 6California All StarsRangersXFull Paid
2018International Open Large Coed 6Fire All StarsXUnknown
2018International Open Small Coed 5Prodigy All StarsBlacklightXFull Paid
2018International Open Small Coed 5Cheer AthleticsSwooshcatsXFull Paid
2018International Open Small Coed 5Brandon All StarsSmokeXFull Paid
2018International Open Small Coed 6California All StarsRecklessXAt Large
2018International Open Small Coed 6Top Gun All StarsSICk6XAt Large
2018International Open Small Coed 6Flyers AllstarzLightningXPartial Paid
2018Large Senior 5Cheer AthleticsPanthersXFull Paid
2018Large Senior 5World Cup All StarsShooting StarsXFull Paid
2018Large Senior 5Stingray All StarsOrangeXFull Paid
2018Large Senior Coed 5Cheer AthleticsCheetahsXFull Paid
2018Large Senior Coed 5Top Gun All StarsTGLCXFull Paid
2018Large Senior Coed 5Stingray AllstarsSteelXFull Paid
2018Medium Senior 5Top Gun All StarsLady JagsXFull Paid
2018Medium Senior 5FAME All StarsSuper SeniorsXFull Paid
2018Medium Senior 5Stingray All StarsPeachXFull Paid
2018Medium Senior Coed 5California All StarsBlack OpsXFull Paid
2018Medium Senior Coed 5Spirit of TexasRoyaltyXFull Paid
2018Medium Senior Coed 5Woodlands EliteBlack OpsXFull Paid
2018Small Senior 5Cheer ExtremeSSXXFull Paid
2018Small Senior 5Woodlands EliteGeneralsXFull Paid
2018Small Senior 5California All StarsLady BulletsXFull Paid
2018Small Senior Coed 5California All StarsSMOEDXFull Paid
2018Small Senior Coed 5Twist & ShoutDiamondsXFull Paid
2018Small Senior Coed 5Central Jersey All StarsTeam GunzXFull Paid

The Summit 2018 Medalists and Bid Type

FINAL PLACEGymTeamDivisionType of Bid
1All Star RevolutionHonorSmall Youth 1Paid
2Flip City All StarsCrushSmall Youth 1Paid
3South Bay DivasDynastySmall Youth 1At Large
1Cheer AthleticsKitty KatzMedium Youth 1Paid
2Express CheerExcellenceMedium Youth 1Paid
3Louisiana Rebel All StarsGraceMedium Youth 1At Large
1South Bay DivasRushSmall Junior 1Paid
2REACT EliteRadioactiveSmall Junior 1Paid
3Stingray Allstars NaplesHeatSmall Junior 1Paid
1Top Gun All StarsJ1Medium Junior 1At Large
2California All Stars Las VegasJr DealMedium Junior 1Paid
3California All Stars San MarcosBlushMedium Junior 1Paid
1California All Stars Las VegasWildcardsSmall Senior 1Paid
2Desert Storm EliteSoFabSmall Senior 1At Large
3Midwest Cheer EliteLady WhiskersSmall Senior 1Paid
1California All Stars OntarioCrystalMedium Senior 1Paid
2California All Stars San MarcosWhite GoldMedium Senior 1Paid
3Champion CheerEmberMedium Senior 1At Large
1Core Athletix RochesterKarmaSmall Youth 2Paid
2South Bay DivasSupremacySmall Youth 2Paid
3New York IconsProdigySmall Youth 2Wild Card
1All Star RevolutionCourageMedium Youth 2Paid
2Cheer AthleticsCougarsMedium Youth 2Wild Card
3SCV All StarsYouth BlackMedium Youth 2Wild Card
1Spirit of TexasPurple DiamondsSmall Junior 2Wild Card
2California All Stars OntarioSteelSmall Junior 2At Large
3FierceCheetahsSmall Junior 2Paid
1Atlanta JayhawksThunderMedium Junior 2At Large
2California All Stars LivermoreJ2 CrewMedium Junior 2Wild Card
3SI SpiritAcesMedium Junior 2Wild Card
1Top Gun All StarsMajestySmall Senior 2At Large
2Rockstar Cheer CharlestonWonder GirlsSmall Senior 2Paid
3California All Stars LivermoreBluettesSmall Senior 2At Large
1Python All Stars of ColumbusTimor PythonsMedium Senior 2At Large
2Cheer AthleticsSabresMedium Senior 2At Large
3California All Stars Las VegasRoulettesMedium Senior 2Paid
1Top Gun All StarsGlitterSmall Youth 3Paid
2New Jersey Spirit ExplosionHot ShotsSmall Youth 3Paid
3Prodigy All StarsTeam ElectricSmall Youth 3Paid
1Cheer AthleticsLionsMedium Youth 3At Large
2Stingray All Stars MariettaBlackMedium Youth 3Paid
3KC CheerFrostMedium Youth 3Wild Card
1SCV All StarsJunior BlackSmall Junior 3Paid
2Central Jersey All StarsBomsquadSmall Junior 3Paid
3California All Stars LivermoreJ FabSmall Junior 3Paid
1California All Stars Las VegasJ MoneyMedium Junior 3Paid
2Star AthleticsJunior GoldMedium Junior 3Paid
3Top Gun All StarsJ3Medium Junior 3Paid
1CheerForce San DiegoFrenzySmall Senior 3At Large
2SCV All StarsSenior BlueSmall Senior 3At Large
3Star AthleticsSenior WhiteSmall Senior 3At Large
1Star AthleticsSenior GoldMedium Senior 3Paid
2American CheerSr BlackMedium Senior 3Paid
3Spirit of TexasPurple SassMedium Senior 3Paid
1California All Stars CamarilloCode 3Small Senior Coed 3Paid
2South Bay DivasMajestySmall Senior Coed 3At Large
3Top Gun All StarsC3Small Senior Coed 3Wild Card
1California All Stars Las VegasBlack DiamondsMedium Senior Coed 3Paid
2Top Gun All StarsAssassinsMedium Senior Coed 3At Large
3Prodigy All StarsTeam Blue FlameMedium Senior Coed 3At Large
1Team Illinois CheerOrange ObsessionSmall Senior 4.2Paid
2Cheer St LouisGlorySmall Senior 4.2At Large
3Bullitt AthleticsDivineSmall Senior 4.2Wild Card
1Cheer Central SunsGolden GirlsMedium Senior 4.2At Large
2Stingray All Stars MariettaUVMedium Senior 4.2Paid
3Cheer ExtremeSpotlightMedium Senior 4.2Paid
1Reign AthleticsFarhenheitSmall Senior Coed 4.2At Large
2Power House All StarsInvincibleSmall Senior Coed 4.2At Large
3Diamonds All StarsSpotlightSmall Senior Coed 4.2At Large
1INFiNiTi AthleticsCobaltMedium Senior Coed 4.2At Large
2ATAOxygenMedium Senior Coed 4.2At Large
3California All Stars San MarcosSr SilverMedium Senior Coed 4.2At Large
1Prodigy All StarsTeam PlatinumSmall Youth 4Wild Card
2State All StarsState Troop 4Small Youth 4Wild Card
3Rockstar Cheer Atlanta EastThe Cool KidsSmall Youth 4At Large
1Cheer Extreme RaleighYouth X SharkbitesMedium Youth 4Wild Card
2Woodlands EliteBomb SquadMedium Youth 4At Large
1Stars VipersBoomslang 4Small Junior 4Paid
1California All Stars Las VegasJ ClubSmall Junior 4Paid
3Woodlands EliteBombshellsSmall Junior 4At Large
1Woodlands EliteMajorsMedium Junior 4Paid
2California All Stars LivermoreCovertMedium Junior 4At Large
3Spirit of TexasRoyal GurlzzzMedium Junior 4At Large
1Broward Elite AllstarsBlack KatzSmall Senior 4At Large
2Team Illinois CheerBlack SparkleSmall Senior 4Paid
3Brandon All StarsSapphireSmall Senior 4Paid
1Cheer AthleticsSassycatsMedium Senior 4At Large
2California All Stars San MarcosS4Medium Senior 4At Large
3SCV All StarsSenior BlackMedium Senior 4At Large
1California All Stars Las VegasBlackJacksSmall Senior Coed 4Paid
2INFiNiTi AthleticsSteelSmall Senior Coed 4Wild Card
3Bullitt AthleticsRAGESmall Senior Coed 4At Large
1Cheer ExtremeC4Medium Senior Coed 4Paid
2Maryland TwistersSmokeMedium Senior Coed 4At Large
3Cheer Intensity All StarsGreat WhitesMedium Senior Coed 4At Large
1Express CheerExoticSmall Junior Restricted 5At Large
2ICEFrostSmall Junior Restricted 5At Large
3New Jersey Spirit Explosion5 StarSmall Junior Restricted 5Wild Card
1Prodigy All StarsTeam MoonlightSmall Junior Restricted Coed 5Wild Card
2Cheer Force ArkansasJayHawksSmall Junior Restricted Coed 5At Large
3Pro AthleticsHOLLYwoodSmall Junior Restricted Coed 5At Large
1Cheer Extreme RaleighJunior XLarge Junior Restricted 5Wild Card
2Stingray All Stars MariettaRoyalLarge Junior Restricted 5At Large
3East Celebrity EliteLadybugsLarge Junior Restricted 5At Large
1Champion CheerThunderSmall Senior Restricted 5At Large
2Cheer Florida All StarsSea WarriorsSmall Senior Restricted 5At Large
3Florida Top Dog All StarsThunderSmall Senior Restricted 5At Large
1Memphis Pride AllstarsInfernoSmall Senior Restricted Coed 5At Large
2INFiNiTi AthleticsCoed RedSmall Senior Restricted Coed 5At Large
3Cheer Athletics CharlotteReignCatsSmall Senior Restricted Coed 5Wild Card
1GymTyme All StarsLady RedLarge Senior Restricted 5Paid
2Stingray All Stars MariettaSpiceLarge Senior Restricted 5At Large
3Cheer Extreme RaleighSRXLarge Senior Restricted 5At Large
1Top Gun All StarsYOSOLarge Senior Restricted Coed 5Paid
2ATAFusionLarge Senior Restricted Coed 5Wild Card
3Cheer AthleticsSwagcatsLarge Senior Restricted Coed 5Paid
1Stingray All Stars MariettaGreenLarge Junior Coed 5Paid
2Cheer AthleticsJagsLarge Junior Coed 5Paid
1Woodlands EliteColonelsSmall Junior Coed 5Paid
2Spirit of TexasJunior RoyalsSmall Junior Coed 5Paid
3Maryland TwistersSupercellsSmall Junior Coed 5Paid
1Cheer Extreme ChicagoObsessionSmall Junior 5Wild Card
2East Celebrity EliteJ-WOWSmall Junior 5Paid
3University Cheer Force ThunderSmall Junior 5At Large
1Cheer ExtremeCrushLarge Junior 5At Large
2California All Stars San MarcosJunior MafiaLarge Junior 5At Large

The D2 Summit 2018 Medalists and Bid Type

FINAL PLACEGymTeamDivisionBid Type
1Cheeriffic All StarsCCA Boss LadiesSmall Youth 1Paid
2Evolution CheerTeal FurySmall Youth 1Paid
3Texas EmpireFurySmall Youth 1Paid
1Florida Triple Threat AllstarsSASSY CATZMedium Youth 1Paid
2Champs CentralDazzlesMedium Youth 1At Large
3Central Illinois AthleticsLieutenantsMedium Youth 1Paid
1California StormFROSTSmall Junior 1Paid
2Vault EliteCrossfireSmall Junior 1Paid
3California Spirit EliteDiamondsSmall Junior 1Wild Card
1Modern American CheerDiamond GlitzMedium Junior 1At Large
2Castle Cheer FactoryRoyal DivasMedium Junior 1Paid
3Fusion Elite All StarsJunior SparkleMedium Junior 1At Large
1CAO EliteQueensSmall Senior 1At Large
2Corona Stars CheerCorona Stars Senior NovaSmall Senior 1Unknown
3Davis Allstar Gym IncForceSmall Senior 1Wild Card
1Spirit AthleticsVanityMedium Senior 1At Large
2West Coast RushSUPREMESMedium Senior 1At Large
3West Coast Fame AllstarsRADIANCEMedium Senior 1At Large
1Evolution CheerTeal ReignSmall Youth 2Paid
2Element All StarsNeonSmall Youth 2Paid
3Triple Crown ElitePurple ReignSmall Youth 2Wild Card
1Legendary AthleticsInspireMedium Youth 2At Large
2Wake Forest All StarsRed WolvesMedium Youth 2Wild Card
3CSA All StarsHeartbreakersMedium Youth 2Paid
1Ultimate Cheer LubbockSupremacySmall Junior 2At Large
2Palm Beach LightningSAPPHIRESSmall Junior 2At Large
3Reign Elite CheerDivineSmall Junior 2Paid
1Carolina Spirit AthleticsHammerheadsMedium Junior 2Paid
2Champs CentralGlowMedium Junior 2Paid
2Cheer Craze All StarsJ. CrewMedium Junior 2At Large
2Terre Haute Cheer UniversityPower RangersMedium Junior 2Paid
1Amistad Eagles All StarsAEA Purple ReignSmall Senior 2Wild Card
2Matrix All StarsAttitudeSmall Senior 2Paid
3Dynasty Spirit Elite All StarRed FlamesSmall Senior 2Paid
1Idaho CheerEMERALDSMedium Senior 2Paid
2Beyond All StarsBLISSMedium Senior 2Paid
3One Elite All StarsOne AddictionMedium Senior 2At Large
1Cheer Craze All StarsY3K - BAE'ZYouth 3At Large
2University Cheer Air Force IncBlue AngelsYouth 3Paid
3Savannah SharksAngel SharksYouth 3Wild Card
1Element All StarsXenonSmall Junior 3At Large
2United Rock Nation All StarsHot ShotsSmall Junior 3At Large
3San Antonio SpiritTeam BlackSmall Junior 3Paid
1Step Ahead All StarsStarburstMedium Junior 3Paid
2Valley Cheer EliteTitaniumMedium Junior 3At Large
3Modern American CheerBlack DiamondsMedium Junior 3Paid
1Georgia All StarsDangerousSmall Senior 3Paid
2Thunder ExtremeStormSmall Senior 3At Large
3Mystiq Jewels AllstarsTanzaniteSmall Senior 3Paid
1Southaven WildcatsPassionMedium Senior 3Paid
2Full Out Tumble and CheerLady Lime3Medium Senior 3Unknown
3Champion Cheer AthleticsBlazeMedium Senior 3At Large
1Elite All StarsVIP'sSmall Senior Coed 3Paid
2Cheer Craze All StarsRoyal ObsessionSmall Senior Coed 3At Large
2Space Coast CheerVengeanceSmall Senior Coed 3Unknown
1Matrix All StarsVengeanceMedium Senior Coed 3Paid
2Advanced Cheer CrewACC PlatinumMedium Senior Coed 3At Large
3All 4 CheerWildfireMedium Senior Coed 3Paid
1CAO EliteReignSmall Youth 4At Large
2Legends Cheer Academy IIRoyalsSmall Youth 4Paid
3Legion of AllstarsSilver BulletsSmall Youth 4Wild Card
1Victory! All StarsBlue DiamondsJunior 4Paid
2Fury Athletics of MadisonRespectJunior 4At Large
3Extreme All StarsJ WildJunior 4Paid
1Element All StarsChromeSmall Senior 4Paid
2TEXAS CHEER ALLstarsLadiesSmall Senior 4Wild Card
3GU ShamrocksVengeanceSmall Senior 4At Large
1Turners All StarsElectric BlueMedium Senior 4Full Paid
2Texas EliteRoulettesMedium Senior 4Wild Card
3Gold Coast All StarsRageMedium Senior 4Wild Card
1Spirit AthleticsFameSmall Senior Coed 4Paid
2Knight Time CheerForceSmall Senior Coed 4Paid
3Cheer Craze All StarsC4 FierceSmall Senior Coed 4At Large
1United All StarsVenomMedium Senior Coed 4Paid
2Idaho CheerOBSIDIANMedium Senior Coed 4At Large
3Crowned Elite AthleticsSolid GoldMedium Senior Coed 4At Large
1Terre Haute Cheer UniversitySCREAM TEAMSmall Senior 4.2Paid
2Titanium Force CheerOdysseySmall Senior 4.2Unknown
3California FlyersAir ForceSmall Senior 4.2Paid
1All That SensationsPlatinumMedium Senior 4.2At Large
2KCK WildfireShineMedium Senior 4.2At Large
3Wake Forest All StarsGray WolvesMedium Senior 4.2At Large
1California PrideSnowstormSmall Senior Coed 4.2Paid
2Cheer FactoryMajestySmall Senior Coed 4.2At Large
3Maine StarsFlareSmall Senior Coed 4.2At Large
1Texas EliteSnipersMedium Senior Coed 4.2At Large
2Premier All Stars#XclusiveMedium Senior Coed 4.2At Large
3Extreme All StarsTKOMedium Senior Coed 4.2At Large
1Rocket CheerLady LegendsSmall Junior Restricted 5At Large
2Revolution AthleticsImpactSmall Junior Restricted 5At Large
3Total CheerEmpowerSmall Junior Restricted 5Wild Card
1Premier All Stars#LadyX5Small Senior Restricted 5At Large
2Rah Elite AllstarsOnyxSmall Senior Restricted 5Wild Card
3Texas EliteLady EliteSmall Senior Restricted 5Wild Card
1Cheer FactoryPrestigeSmall Senior Restricted Coed 5At Large
2Legendary AthleticsLoyaltySmall Senior Restricted Coed 5Paid
3Summit Sports CenterLoyaltySmall Senior Restricted Coed 5At Large
1Pennsylvania Elite CheerleadingFutureSmall Junior 5Paid
2Rah Elite AllstarsMoxieSmall Junior 5At Large
3Luxe CheerPurple ReignSmall Junior 5At Large

Corrections June 28th, 2018: 

  • Flyers All Stars Knockout finished second – not third (Worlds)
  • GymTyme Pink finished third – not second (Worlds)
  • Maine Stars had an at large bid (Worlds)
  • SCV All Stars had a full paid bid (Worlds)
  • Turners All Stars Electric Blue had a full paid bid (D2 Summit)