Story time:

So, a few weeks ago we created an image that showed the Cheerleading Worlds medal count. But, after we posted it we noticed something really strange… the numbers didn’t add up. Wrong Cheerleading Worlds Medal Count

Like, notice how Stingray All Stars total medal count is 17, but 9 (gold), 4 (silver), and 3 (bronze) equals 16. We’re not rocket scientists, but that’s no bueno.

So, we did some research and quickly found out that there is NO complete list of Worlds medalists. It’s kind of hard to make a total Worlds medal image without all the information.

SO THEN, we spent some major time digging up all of the Worlds medalists since the event started in 2004. We scoured the entire internet for accurate information and even had to pull some crazy internet stunts.

Anyway, we now have (the only) complete list of USASF Cheerleading Worlds medalists for every single year since its inception. We put it into one easy-to-read table and created another table that shows the Worlds medal count for every gym that has ever received a globe, not just the top 10.

*Click here to see the full lists*


Oh… and by the way… we are (fairly) certain this is the only complete medalists list. So, if you steal this information and just HAPPEN to post a medal count blog right after we do… we’ll notice. No tea, no shade honey, we saw that graphic on Twitter. 🙂

It’s public information, but some creativity is always good for business.

Disclaimer: It is entirely possible that some of this information could be incorrect. USASF quite literally does not have a public facing website that lists past Worlds Medalists. We checked over 10 sources to find this information. If you notice something wrong, let us know.